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Spiral Bound Version
Publisher: New Dimension Games (II)
Year: 2000
Spiral Bound
ISBN-10: 0974007234
94 pages
Size: Letter
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From the back of the book:

Avast there! Be ye seekin' adventure, matey? Well, there ain't no more glorious a trade than bein' a pirate! There ain't no laws what hold us. There ain't no men that break us. We be free, my friend. Free to live as kings, stuffin' our pockets fulla gold and killin' whoever gets in our way. Ahhh, it be oh so wonderful a life, it be, but it ain't easy either. Be ye able ta do more with yer sword than dance with it? There be no end ta the battles and the blood, matey, ya best be certain o' that! But I'm guessin' yer more rugged and brave than them rule-lubbers and what folk who don't really know what adventure is all about. There be a gleam in yer eye, I says. I can see it. It be the unmistakable gleam of gold, and there be plenty o' that fer the takin'. Treasure, matey! Treasure and adventure! Ye be seekin' it, and now yer've found it. All ya need ta do is join us 'ere pirates, maybe bring some friends with ya, and soon you'll be sailin' with the free winds all the way to riches ya never dreamed of! This 'ere book be a fine vessel for seekin' adventure. Ain't no wasted space aboard. We be headin' into uncharted waters matey, where there ain't no rules, and only enough cannon, dice, and skill will save ya. Ahhh, a pirates life fer me...

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