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Publisher: Alea Publishing Group
Year: 2016
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
17 pages
Size: Letter
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Publisher Blurb:

Featured in Issue 7 of Dragon+ Magazine and Unearthed Arcana in the March 2016 Review by Mike Mearls and Chris Lindsay!

Unleash the power of blood magic.

Thanks for the support - we've expanded Blood Magic to provide Players and Game Masters with the following for thrilling play:

Blood Magic. A wizard tradition for 5th Edition. This product contains two versions of this tradition. The original as highlighted in the Unearthed Arcana article and a second, updated version involving a different mechanic.
King's Blood. A sorcerous origin for 5th Edition. Bloodline sorcerers seek to harness the potent lineage of another.
Blood Thrall. A fighter archetype for 5th Edition. Born from vampire or demonic masters, but now free from their grasp, blood thralls desire to control the power that still pumps in their veins. Perfect for the Curse of Strahd.
Bloodrage Savage. A barbarian primal path for 5th Edition. Rage burns in the heart of these savage barbarians through ancestral ties and feed from the pain and anguish suffered in combat.
New Subrace. The half-spawn are born under the duress of their mother transforming into a vampire spawn. Half-spawn possess supernatural gifts due to the vampiric blood that runs through their veins. Was Strahd your vampiric father?
New Spells. Several new spells, including a playtest for blood spells.
Magic items. Blood-Dreader, Blood Leech, Potion of Cruor, Sanguine Blade.
Characterization. Suggestions on how to create characters steeped in blood magic.
Variants. Blood as spell components as well as an alternative wizard feature to replace Arcane Recovery: Blood Channeler.
With continued contributions, we intend to develop this product into a fully-fledged guidbook.


When you enhance this product, we will improve upon it with updates and even expand its content. There are several ways to help enhance this product:

Gold Pieces. We appreciate any contribution to help produce content. Money allows us to hire outside writers, include more artwork, and allows us to eat once in a while (wink, wink). More importantly, being a small company, it allows us to see how to divide our time and support the right products.
Feedback, Feedback, Feedback. You don't have to give your hard-earned coin to support this product. Being a gamer for over thirty-years, I know its hard to stretch those pouch strings. Your time can be as valuable. Comments and feedback helps us become better designers and can improve the content. Suggestions and discussion can also lead to better game balance.
Spread the Word. If you like what you read, let your friends and followers on social media know. Talk about your experience with it to others. The more people download a product and use it, we then know how to focus our energy.

We can expand this product in a number of ways: new spells and magic items; variant background features; several encounter scenarios or an adventure focusing on blood magic; we could expand the role of blood magic within other character classes (new archetypes, traditions, etc.).

Although designed for the Forgotten Realms SettingTM, this product easily adapts into the Ravenloft SettingTM or your favorite campaign.

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