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Year: 2016
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In the space beyond this world, beyond the forests of elves and the delves of dwarves and the shires of the halflings, lies a dimension of dream and thought, where one can move simply by thinking, and where a desire is all it takes to pass through to heaven or hell. There are people that call this vast, silvery void home, and this document starts the telling of their story.

Within these pages, you will find the vast armadas of the githyanki, bristling with armaments and arrogance, and you will meet their rebels and their refugees who may become your fast friends.

You will also find the eternal devattas, celestial beings that reincarnate after each death, who retain faint memories of each of their thousands of past lives. Today, they continue their quests at your side.

Among the astral ships and port towns in the gray void you will meet and share a drink with the boisterous hadozee, who will join you on a journey beyond the edge of infinity, singing shanties the whole way.

If you are lucky, you will stumble on the quiet monasteries of the isolated buomman, the "singing monks of the Astral Sea," who fear the imperfect world outside their structures...and who seek to perfect it by raising dead gods.

You may also find the crystalline redoubts of the shardminds, entities of distilled knowledge, who only exist because of a tear in reality that they hope to repair by melding with others of their kind. Perhaps you can help them complete their seal...or perhaps you can stop them from negating all that makes them individuals in pursuit of this divine quest.

Whatever allies you choose for this journey, whether you delve into dungeons deep within the earth, travel the Sword Coast and beyond, or plumb the infinite gray eternity just beyond the reach of most mortal minds, travel safe, and try not to go mad...

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