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RPG Item: 100 Unusual Aasimar
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100 Unusual Aasimar
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RPG Item: 100 Unusual Aasimar
PDF Version
Publisher: Azukail Games
Year: 2019
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
Product Code: AGNPC0012
16 pages
Size: Letter
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Publisher Blurb:

There are those in the world whose bloodlines have been touched by the divine. These children of the celestial realms are marked by powers beyond those of the purely mortal. While some may look much like their more familiar parent, raised among humans, dwarves, orcs, halflings, gnomes and elves, others have a decidedly other appearance inherited from their celestial parentage. Revered by some, and feared by others, aasimar are objects of religious awe as often as they are outcasts. Most are just trying to find their place in the world, while striking a balance between the material and the divine.

This PDF supports Adobe layers and the page backgrounds and images can be disabled to make printing easier.

Here are some sample results:

Kossuluth Shian: Blue-skinned, golden-eyed and no bigger than any other halfling, Kossuluth mans a tent with the Traveling Wonders of Master Beng-La. Though unusual-looking, Koss takes further steps such as dyeing his tongue black with berry juice, and he dresses in outlandish costume to seem even stranger. His true surname is Hedger, and he was sold to the circus by his father for a mere handful of coins. The wings on his back, though impressive with their gilded plumage, are barely strong enough to allow him to fly above the wagons.

Hastar Stark: A bald, dark-skinned man, Hastar has three birth marks in the shapes of stars across his forehead. His voice is deep, his manner sympathetic, and with a touch of his hand he can turn water into a strong spirit that, according to those who’ve had it, tastes of mulled contentment. It is one of the most expensive draws to his tavern, but he will often charge someone based on what they can afford, rather than expecting the same payment from everyone who wants to taste the communion he offers.

Historan “The Hound” Rankalis: Long-legged and deep-chested, Historan’s golden eyes set off his teak wood skin. With strong, white teeth more akin to those of a beast than a man, it’s said that he can scent evil on a person. A servant of the Ashen Warders, some of the order’s scholars suggest that Historan’s ancestry is mingled with the blessings of hound archons, or other celestial hunters.

Tashura “The Phantom”: Tall, alabaster pale, and with eyes and lips the color of rose quartz, Tashura looks like little more than a wisp of spirit to those who catch a glimpse of her in the glimmers of twilight. It’s said that she can shed her flesh, turning to mist, making any place with so much as a crack beneath the door or the gap of a keyhole vulnerable to her. An enigmatic thief, she only seems to steal objects that have some connection to the celestial realms. No one seems to know why she steals these things, and if she does so at the behest of others, or for her own uses.

Dario “Steelskin” Akaris: A towering figure of a man, with a tangled black mane and beard, Dario is a noted cavalry officer among Lord Kandashar’s personal forces. It’s said by some that he rides into battle with no shield, and wearing no plate. Just beneath his skin lurks a layer of fine steel that will blunt the sharpest edge, allowing him to survive unharmed where a normal man would have been split from belly to neck. Dario has returned from several battles uninjured, but with flaps of skin hanging away from the iron flesh beneath where his foes tried to cut him down. After a few days, the rents have healed as if they were never there.

One page is the front cover and one the front matter.

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