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PDF Version
Publisher: Wraith Wright Productions
Year: 2019
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
115 pages
Size: Letter
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Publisher Blurb:

This product helps Dungeon Masters regulate the wealth that player characters acquire and the various useful efforts to which that wealth can be put. If the party has gold, now they have useful ways to spend it!


Chapter 1: Assets
Descriptions and values for a wide range of material assets, including coins, gems, trade bars, dry goods, stock animals, and more
Suggestions for new coins and alternate forms of currency
An expansive description of nonmaterial assets, including medals, titles, rights, favors, letters of recommendation (declarations of authority, hospitality, indulgences, letters of marque, noble's favor, trade options, and warrants).
Guidelines for valuing, moderating, and implementing downtime as a form of treasure
Rules and guidelines for marketing items, from finding buyers and sellers, to regulating appraising and haggling

Chapter 2: Wealth
A nuanced system for starting wealth for characters made above 1st level
Group staring wealth options for making a whole campaign that starts above 1st level
Guidance for sane treasure distribution rates; keep your players hungry but not too hungry!
An in-depth examination of the magic item pricing system and an itemized list of all official magic items with specific prices

Chapter 3: Enchantment
Guidelines for keeping your party's magic items and mundane wealth on separate acquisition tracks
Rules for altering magic items, plus rules and costs for converting magic items into different sorts of magic items
A comprehensive system of spells and magical material for creating and trading magic items
A handful of simple variant rules for altering some magic items

Chapter 4: Investment
New and variant rules for downtime activities, including methods for using them while adventuring
A rational synthetization of the official rules (and official variants) for crafting
Guidelines and story ideas for commercial manufacturing ventures
Rules for building structures as investments, and a simple table for balancing monthly returns and costs
Discussion of pure investments and of investing for reputation instead of financial returns

Chapter 5: Construction
How to build three-part "starter kits" for introducing land ownership into your campaign
Guidelines for building over a dozen kinds of stronghold or homestead
Rules for growing property and modifying structures with custom collections of rooms and buildings
Rules for features and components to customize ships as a party headquarters
Expanded lists of siege weapons and a set of siege guns, plus optional rules for their use

Chapter 6: Recruiting
A look at the prohibitive costs of employing, arming, and feeding soldiers
A rundown of the various means by which soldiers can be recruited and maintained at lower costs
Guidelines for adapting the Loyalty variant rule to armies or army segments
An elegant method for resolving losses in large-scale conflicts and sieges, and outcomes that affect player characters
Story ideas for characters participating in battles or influencing large conflicts with party-scale adventures

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