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RPG Item: 100 Dungeon Myths, Legends and Rumours
PDF Version
Publisher: Azukail Games
Year: 2019
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
Product Code: AGF0041
13 pages
Size: Letter
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Publisher Blurb:

Characters may often explore dungeons, but they may also need a reason to head to them in the first place. Such a reason can come from asking around and discovering myths and legends about the dungeon in question. This supplement has 100 different rumours that characters could discover about a dungeon. They can be rumours of lost adventurers and treasures, deadly monsters and dungeon peculiarities. Whether or not any specific rumour is true is up to the GameMaster. The provided rumours can be used as lures, background flavour or as potential adventure hooks.

This PDF supports Adobe layers and the page backgrounds and images can be disabled to make printing easier.

Here are some sample results:

The dungeon was once above ground, a vast stone castle of illogical construction. Over the years, the castle sank gradually into the ground, becoming the present-day dungeon. Sages say that the castle didn’t sank because the ground gave way beneath it, but because of the sheer evil of its inhabitants. Over the years, the evil actions carried out in the castle soaked into the stone, weighing it down just as a soul would be weighed down. The earth could no longer support such a concentration of evil and gave way beneath it.

The entire dungeon was built with a single purpose in mind, to guard a powerful artefact that is hidden deep within. The artefact is too powerful to be used, and doing so would create great devastation. It has therefore been hidden away from any hands that might be foolish enough to use it, with chambers, guards, traps and tricks emplaced to prevent anyone from finding the artefact again. It’s rumoured that the last time the artefact was used, an entire realm sunk below the waters.

The Fellowship of the Nine Flails went deep into the dungeon but only one of the party returned, weeks later, badly injured and completely, incurably mad. The, presumably sole survivor, died shortly after returning to the surface, despite the aid he was given. During that time, he was constantly babbling about things coming out of the walls and attacking his party.

The great dragon Felurivaax terrorised the lands for years before he retreated underground with his treasure. His hoard is vast, fruit of the scouring of dozens of cities. Felurivaax has not been seen since he went underground and many think he is now dead, his treasure unguarded. Others say that the dragon sleeps, dreaming, on his hoard, and if any treasure seekers disturb his rest, he will awaken to plague the surface world once more.

The legendary paladin Sir Arabal Demonsbane descended into the dungeon to seek out a mighty demon that lurked within. Sir Arabal was never seen again, but neither was the demon. It is believed that both slew the other. Sir Arabal had his famed sword with him, the Demonsbane after which he was called, and that never surfaced again either. The sword probably still lies deep below ground, waiting for a new wielder to carry it into battle against demons.

One page is the front cover, one the front matter and most of a page is ads.

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