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RPG Item: The Ultimate Everything: Player Race Creator Book
PDF version
Publisher: Loot The Boss
Year: 2019
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
335 pages
Size: Letter
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From publisher blurb:

Would you like to play as an undead T-rex? How about a cyborg pixie? A mimic? A swarm of extra-planar fire squirrels? This is the Ultimate Race Creator, and with it you can play everything, literally EVERYTHING.

The Ultimate Race Creator is a 5e expansion that took the 5e races, gutted them, and then took them carefully apart to see how they ticked. We boiled down the standard races and parsed them out into an easy to use modular points system that allows you to create your own player race in the same amount of time it would take you to roll up a character.

This is it, this is the only book you'll ever need for your player races. We've made and carefully balanced more than 1000 racial traits that completely encompasses everything we could think of. If you can imagine it, you can be it.

And if you're having trouble imagining it, we've come up with quite a bit as well. This book includes 48! new player races built using the Ultimate Race Creator, each one fleshed out with lovingly crafted lore and original artworks by our talented artists including:
  • Ammahko. Ancient statues from the beginning of the world found buried and still compelled to obey their instructions from the ineffable will of the gods of creation.
  • Anubite. Canine folk from the astral plane, tasked with shepherding spirits to their afterlives and capable of blinking in and out of existence.
  • A.R.M.E.T. Built in a long forgotten age to protect and serve, these amorphous beings become a magical suit of armor for their chosen pilot.
  • Bakuman. These elephantine creatures are nomadic soothsayers and masters of dreams, though to slumber near one is to invite nightmares.
  • Bedeviled. Cursed by their hubris, these practitioners of dark arts now share their body with a fiendish companion, each wrestling for control over their mortal form.
  • Boggard. A race of tribal cannibalistic toadfolk, once considered mere monsters now making long hopping strides towards civilized life.
  • Centaur. A race of half-men half-horses, long thought lost and scattered, but now making a resurgence in society, delivering their way towards acceptance.
  • Ceraden. Great colonies of these ram-folk sprawl along the mountaintops, residing along sheer cliffs, unreachable by all but the most sure-footed.
  • Damsel. Dragonfly folk that build great insectile hives within the marshlands and places of arcane power, coveting and consuming magical items to fuel the hives.
  • Deathknit. Undead cobbled together from the fractured souls and piecemeal bodies of the departed, creating a new, if disjointed being.
  • Dracotaur. A militaristic and stubborn draconic tribe, currently carving their territory out of the heart of the jungle and trying to reign in the wilderness.
  • Drakkon. These descendants of the ancient dragons live in tribes among the floating islands, flying down to bring both the benevolence and destruction of their ancestors.
  • Edgewalker. The mostly human great-grandchildren of powerful beings who traversed the planes, these descendants are blessed or cursed with a third eye that sees through the thin veil of reality.
  • Egemo. Winged chameleon folk who were cursed and exiled from the feywild, now they defend the entrances to the feywild from their chaotic influence.
  • Ephemeral. Spells given life, these pixie-like hedonists are entities composed of pure magic, living short, exciting, and often explosive lives.
  • Hasera. A mysterious and xenophobic rabbit-folk who dwell in the dark thorny reaches of the briars and spread the dense brambles far and wide.
  • Helioclops. Monocular mono-horned winged devourers of violet-hued humanoids that have descended from another world intending to join musical arrangements.
  • Husk. Empty insectile shells bound with the souls of their former occupants, cursed with fragmented memories and the vague duties they held in life.
  • Ilk. Tribal hunters, kin to the stag who lay claim to all the forests of the world and hunt massive prey such as giants and dragons while performing the dance of bells.
  • Jelloid. The results of failed resurrections, these magical oozes must find their own identities within their amorphous forms.
  • Ketex. Muscular 4-armed titans from deep below the underdark who now strive to build great towers that stretch into the heavens.
  • Koox Collective. Groups of diminutive gremlins that work together to build their tiny machines that all link together into one clanking but cohesive whole.
  • Kuha. Aquatic half-goblins half-sharks that terrorize the seaside, though for some their curiosity overtakes their hunger and they take up the adventuring life.
  • Kylfu. These batfolk build great hanging cities within deep jungle caves, living harmoniously with nature in the lands around them.
  • Lamprin. These lamprey-folk have a terrifying appearance but are unfairly persecuted, leading some to retaliate with kindness and others to retaliate with violence.
  • Langomorph. Often called were-rabbits, these reclusive fey are devotees of the goddess Istyr and are just as capricious.
  • Loamut. Scions of the marshlands, these defenders of nature live symbiotically with the plants that sprout from their backs in true harmony with the natural world.
  • Loxodon. Massive zealous elephant warriors who wage an endless crusade against their age old demonic enemies, having long abandoned their peaceful past.
  • Lucern. These twilight guardians are the souls of the stalwart and the devoted bound into their bones to maintain their endless vigils.
  • Lyvhianne. These voyagers escaped temporal war and journeyed far, now they quietly insure the stability of the time stream, as powerful masters of time and space.
  • Marmorin. These small monkey-folk were brilliant inventors once, now cursed for their arrogance by the gods into simple, jovial remnants of their former glory.
  • Mawhit. Carnivorous plants brought to magical sentience through arcane pollution and propelled by ingenious magical thrones of their own design.
  • Medozan. Massive courts of these jellyfish-folk drifted harmlessly and unnoticed by other races for generations, they rose from the sea to end dumping in their waters, and now to collect the curious and shiny baubles of the surface world.
  • Mustekalan. These octopus-folk live short lives, but try to live them to the fullest. They’re naturally curious, loyal, and fascinated by all things magical. .
  • Obnixian. Born of conflicting power, these half-celestial, half-fiendish beings must control the battle within them through glory in the battle around them.
  • Pixie. Spritely magical fairy folk resembling tiny winged elves, they curiously and playfully explore out from the feywild into the civilized world.
  • Pseudodragon. Diminutive kin to the true dragons, for millennia they’ve been cleverly insinuating themselves into positions of power around the world.
  • Reaver. Cursed undead, these mortals were denied death by ancient gods and bound to a divine duty they are bound to carry out for eternity.
  • Saguaran. These instinctually secretive cactus-folk emerge from the deserts to share their insights and spread the messages gleaned from centuries of desert meditation.
  • Scoroc. A mad fusion of orc and scorpion, these abominations have been orphaned by their creators, and now make their lives within the ruins of the conquered.
  • Seraphin. Lesser angels manifested by prayer and piety in times of peril but cursed with the moral ambiguity and finality of a mortal life.
  • Serpentfolk. Hedonistic snake kin nobility languishing in palaces hidden deep within the rainforests, and only now due to incursions are they are roused to action.
  • Shrouded. These secretive robed mystics unleash a massive eldritch abomination when the shroud is lifted, though they can’t survive uncontained for long.
  • Sphing. These small aloof sphinx moths lounge about playing with people’s heads until they find a riddle, mystery, or question that drives them towards adventure.
  • Tenko. Keepers of shrines and descendants of the great fox spirit, these demure fox-eared humanoids contain the holy fire of their divine ancestor.
  • Tokagara. These stalwart crystalline beings of law and order are rigid and unwavering, they bring order to the chaos of the earth just as a crystal brings order to the chaos of creation.
  • Valumin. Hot tempered firefly folk whose souls are intertwined with powerful spirits from the plane of fire.
  • Vinuri. Serpentine plant-folk born of druidic power, now endlessly philosophizing as they serve a vast pantheon of gods.
  • Yrd. These refugees of a far-off world are delicate and gentle giants, thinking calming telepathic thoughts while basking in nourishing moonlight.

Still not enough for you? We wanted to make sure that you could play as whatever you wanted, and we found 5e lacking in that respect. This book includes 20 new racial feats, 20 new racial backgrounds, and an assortment of 20 new spells, each linked to magical racial traits or to casters at large.

But I hear you say, "20-30 minutes to make a race? I need one now!" Well we've got you covered! Say hello to the Random Race Creator and the Lore Generator! You can create an entire player race, complete with lore, with just a few (okay a lot) die rolls!

But I hear you say, "I already have my character done, what can this do for me?" Well I'll tell you, we made over 1000 racial traits, that's over 1000 cool abilities just waiting to be turned into Augments, Magic Items, or Curses. We built creators that allow you to graft crab claws and robot arms onto your character, and if that doesn't sound incredible, I don't know what does.

Still not excited? How does Ultimate Pet Creator sound? We have all these lovely racial traits, why not make familiars and animal companions with them? This book gives you everything your ranger needs to ride a mechanical wolf, or for your wizard to have a tiny mimic as a familiar, what more could you possibly want?

I'll tell you what you could possibly want, a bunch of NPCs! We used some of the thousand racial traits to put together 10 NPCs with incredibly interesting lore and full stat blocks.

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