Blades of Tyri (2019)

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From publisher blurb:

Sword-and-Planet (also called Science Fantasy and more archaically Planetary Romance) stories were popularized in the early 20th century by such writers as Edgar Rice Burroughs, Alex Raymond, Michael Moorcock, Ralph Milne Farley, and Otis Adelbert Kline. Often considered the precursors to what is now Science Fiction, Sword-and-Planet stories downplayed scientific accuracy in favor of swashbuckling action, melodramatic narratives, and high adventure. Usually featuring protagonists from Earth suddenly transplanted to an alien world and anachronistic technology, such stories were typified by Burroughs’ John Carter and Carson of Venus tales, Alex Raymond’s Flash Gordon, and others.

Referees and players looking to emulate the wonder and heroism of high adventure on a distant planet need miss out no longer. Blades of Tyri brings you a campaign setting for Cepheus Engine (CE) and other 2D6 RPGs such as the Traveller SRD, both of which are descended from the Original Science Fiction Roleplaying Game (OSFRPG) introduced in the late 1970s. The campaign features all the derring-do that can be expected of the genre, in addition to other goodies:

  • A campaign overview to quickly familiarize Referees and Players with the intended tone.
  • An internally-consistent narrative complete with social and magic systems customizable by the Referee.
  • An overview of methods to emulate the fantastic abilities often displayed by Sword-and-Planet heroes.
  • A detailed look at the alien setting of the campaign, the planet Tyri.
  • And information the Referee can use to tie everything together into a coherent whole.

Blades of Tyri. Earth isn’t the only place for amazing and daring pulp exploits.

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