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Publisher: Jeff Stevens Games
Year: 2019
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
80 pages
Size: Letter
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From publisher blurb:

A Song of Love: A masked menace terrifies the region, raiding villages to fund her devious plan. Unknowingly, the adventurers stumble into her most recent evil scheme: the kidnapping of a famous performer known as Devon Artis. Their mission is to deliver a ransom and collect Devon. Though, as in most cases, not all goes as planned.

The adventure includes a battle in a tree, and the potential for high-level roleplaying. The final scene has multiple ways in which it can be tackled, ending either in a massive battle or a cunning infiltration via posing as performers and acting out a play!

A four- to six-hour adventure for 5 to 6 characters of 1st thru 10th level.

A Song of Revenge: The events that transpired during A Song of Love implicate Hobart Taggart, a tavern owner in Hillsfar, with dealing with the strange, masked menace who kidnapped the performer known as Devon Artis. The adventurers are tasked with finding Hobart Taggart and gathering information about this unique villain. However, the villain has spies in Hillsfar, sent there to protect her identity.

DM: Tune up your lute and prep your voice. You may be singing during this adventure!

A four- to six-hour adventure for four to six characters of 3rd thru 10th level.

A Song of War: Nightingale continues to build her army, and she only has one more ally to secure. Once she does, she plans to invade Hillsfar, destroying the hopes and dreams of all who live there.

The First Lord of Hillsfar tasks the adventurers with thwarting Nightingale’s meeting with the Clan of Broken Bones – a large goblinoid host whose forces would secure her victory. The adventurers are certainly going to need back-up, but their only options are a crew of unseasoned Red Plume guards and a murderous horde of orcs who have an ancient gripe with the Clan of Broken Bones.

A three- to five-hour adventure for four to six characters of 5th thru 10th level.

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