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PDF version
Publisher: Twitchy Butcher Studios LLC
Year: 2019
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
160 pages
Size: A4
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From publisher blurb:

Are you looking for a fantasy supplement for Savage Worlds? Do you buy a lot of settings in order to incorporate the rules and mechanics into your own homebrew games? Then the Gods and Masters Player's Guide is for you.

This is NOT the complete version of the book, but includes only the player's guide sections. It is intended for people interested in using the mechanics of [Gods and Masters] as part of their Savage Worlds fantasy toolkit.

Fight for the Empire, for freedom, or for dark power in a bloody shadow war!

The city of Dokaro, once the jewel of the Footlands, has fallen into the hands of the mighty Gronman Empire. But even though the city has fallen, the violence is only beginning. As the imperial soldiers and inquisitors struggle to pacify a conquered people, anarchic freedom fighters and bloodthirsty cultists fight for control of the streets.

Gods and Masters is a fantasy game with an urban, guerrilla warfare twist. Explore underground crypts, precarious rooftops, and convoluted alleyways, all while fighting for your life against soldiers, rebels, and heretics.

Choose your side:

Bring the law upon the heads of the savages with the Gronman Empire. Strike the spark that will burn down an empire with the Nacarajin. Feast on the blood of the unbelievers with the Church of Leshnah.

Will you destroy Dokaro, or will you save it?

This PDF contains the Player's Guide to Gods and Masters, a setting for the Savage Worlds system.

The setting includes the following features:

  • An expanded gear list that makes fights more strategic and tactical
  • A new playable species, the reptilian anir, divided into three race
  • Five species of exotic beast mounts (with multiple subspecies), from the burrowing Sandsquirmer drake to the nimble Demonhorn kirin
  • Setting rules for Interrogation and Dramatic Stealth
  • An expanded list of power modifiers, to give each form of elemental magic its own unique kicks and limitations
  • Three playable factions, each with their own Advantages, Disadvantages, unique gear, Arcane Background, and goals, providing a totally individual game play experience for each side of the Dokaran conflict
  • A full set of Edges and Hindrances for the Corruption, a disease that can gradually turn mundane humans into predatory vampires

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