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RPG Item: Monstrous Logic Monster A.I. - Orcs and Goblins
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Monstrous Logic Monster A.I. - Orcs and Goblins
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PDF Version
Publisher: Seemingly Jaded
Year: 2019
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7 pages
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From the store page: Monstrous Logic is a ruleset for using automated enemies in your tactical tabletop role-playing games. The ML system is highly compatible with many RPGs, and hackable to fit your game systems and settings. Monstrous Logic is great for solo and GM-less gameplay and for players who want their combat to feel more like their favorite Strategy RPG video games like Final Fantasy Tactics or Into the Breach. Monstrous Logic makes it easy to program your own monsters to work with your preferred systems, whether you use d20s or no dice at all.

Here's how it works. In Monstrous Logic each monster type has a unique A.I. scheme containing its stats and a list of A.I. behaviors. A monster chooses its actions based on fulfilling the condition tied to that set of actions. A condition can be a special rule such as "If this creature has half or less HP" or "If an ally died this round", or it can be a proximity condition (symbolized by a hex with a number or range of numbers in it). With proximity conditions, we check to see if there are any targetable enemies within that many number of spaces away from the monster. When a condition is fulfilled, the monster performs that action. It's a very similar system to one used in the board game Sword & Sorcery.

The second half of the rules are the ones for pathfinding. These were liberally borrowed from (and improved upon) the board game Gloomhaven. Gloomhaven has a robust set of rules that control pathfinding and movement, but that game uses random cards to determine what actions the monster takes. This can make for unpredictable enemies, but the AI tended to be inscrutable and often did some nonsensical things on their turns. Monstrous Logic fixes those problems by applying a deterministic set of A.I. behaviors to the monster's actions. The monsters make their decisions logically.

In this product you get the complete rules, a guide to programming your own monster A.I., 11 unique A.I.s for the Goblin and Orc factions, and a blank template for creating your custom A.I.

Kind words said about Monstrous Logic:

“I’ve been waiting for something like this for ages. Brilliantly designed, easy to use, and applicable in almost any system.” – Dai Shugars (GMDK)

"Yo anyone who ever complains about prep: this is a nifty tool" – Fiona Maeve Geist (Mothership: Dead Planet)

"I like what I see and I want to see more of it... This type of asset could help so many kids and adults that have a strong desire to play TTRPGs but can't defeat their social anxiety." – Deviston (Cobalt Sage Creations)

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