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'Publisher Blurb from DM Guild'
House Cannith has a simple task for you: travel to their enclave of Forgehome and retrieve a few magical items for them. You'll be paid well for the task, and any other things you find along the way are yours for the taking.

There's just one catch: Forgehome is in the Mournland. And none of the living members of Cannith know what horrible experiments they were working on there.

Mournland Salvage is a dungeon crawl in the magical wasteland of the Mournland for 3rd-5th level characters. It runs in approximately eight hours of play.

On the Day of Mourning, the entire nation of Cyre was destroyed. Now, only the MOURNLAND remains, a magical wasteland and tomb for everyone who .

HOUSE CANNITH has many enclaves and research laboratories spread throughout the Five Nations. Many of their most productive laboratories were in Cyre, and with the Day of Mourning, all of that research has been lost. That's where the characters come in: they'll be hired to retrieve several items from the enclave known as Forgehome.

At the same time, a group of goblinoids called the HEIRS OF DHAKAAN are attempting to reforge the old Dhakaani empire. The empire fell thousands of years ago as a consequence of war with the DAELKYR, abominations from the plane of Xoriat. This particular clan of the Dhakaani seeks to reunite the empire by finding lost artifacts of cultural significance, including the COMMAND OF ARKHENOR, a scepter which—of course—turns out to be one of the items the characters were sent to retrieve.

As if that weren't complex enough, the servants of the daelkyr are here as well. They're using the scepter to weaken the seals binding their master deep underground.

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