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Publisher: Storm Bunny Studios
Year: 2020
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
124 pages
Size: Letter
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From publisher blurb:

The challenges facing adventurers in [Imperial Matchmaker] are as difficult as they are diverse, and to enjoy the mega module to its fullest we recommend using these 8 special pregenerated characters that truly embody the Mists of Akuma campaign setting! For groups using original PCs, GMs can make use of these iconic characters instead as rival NPCs with builds at 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th level (ranging from CR 3 to CR 9).

  • Ayakashi, Performer Extraordinaire - A noh theater mask turned into a tsukumogami able to possess those who wear it to travel freely in society.
  • Kanden, Last Shinobi of the Jitsuri-Teki - Undead haunted still by his ancestors (both soldiers from distant Ropaeo and murdered soburi ninja) that seeks solace before his ancient augmetics give out.
  • Lan, Self-Proclaimed Immortal - Saru hengeyokai thief with a penchant for machinery, collapsible staff, cursed headband, and secrets galore.
  • Matsi Tsunamo, Private Eye for Hire - Magic dice wielding urban tanuki detective seeking the answer to a mystery beneath Sanbaoshi.
  • Natsuko Hibike, Kamispeaker - Soburi cleric accompanied by her family's powerful spirit, a strange snake kami named Hibe.
  • Piasu, Haiiro-Nokishi Battle Brother - Machine-armored hobgoblin eritokira warrior with a mission from his Chapter Master and a debt to the black-smoke dragon Ahenchūdoku.
  • Rinna, the Rosoku-Urasan - Tengu warlock from the future that uses her ancestors as her patron, seeking to upend a terrible fate for the world.
  • Tomoe Masamune, the Crimson Blade - Soburi samurai in Sanbaoshi seeking to reclaim the dignity stripped away after her lord amputated her for defying his word (a limb replaced now by the steam arm tsukumogami Zenryona).

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