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RPG Item: Stranger Settings
Publisher: Fat Goblin Games
Year: 2020
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
58 pages
Size: 6.25 x 9.50 inches
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Description Edit | History

From publisher blurb:

Strange Yet Familiar Surroundings

Welcome to Crestview Hills, Circa 1984...

There are numerous creative, innovative ways to take the same base rules and tweak just a few details and play radically different games without needing to learn a totally new system. Simple things like changing the era of your game of Stranger Stuff from the 1980’s to any other time period, or switching up the location from middle America to New England or the South for instance, are all things we feel you can easily and comfortably do without even a micro-setting. Instead, we’re attempting to with this book to first present our existing world of Crestview Hills along side four all-new micro-settings that have potential ways to play your game that make some more significant changes to the game (while still being completely compliant with the rules as presented).

What we have here in Stranger Settings are alternate ideas of games to play, that are designed to be used with TinyD6, specifically the Stranger Stuff for TinyD6 game. Written as alternatives to the default setting of your own creation — but assumed to be "small town America." You could potentially use any of these settings with nearly any of the TinyD6 games, but all of the settings are assuming you own and want to run Stranger Stuff for TinyD6 as we designed that game. The only setting that inherently assumes you own more than the core Stranger Stuff book is St. Cyprian's School of Witchcraft, which we feel plays best when you own our book on witchcraft for TinyD6, [Stranger Stuff: Teenage Witchcraft].

Micro-Settings Include:

This Old, Dark House

In this setting, the Players take on the role of a Family (Mom, Dad, and children) that move into a classic “old and creepy house” they’ve recently come into from an inheritance. Obviously, not everything is as it seems, and life in the house is a bit Stranger than expected.

A Town Called Epiphany

In this setting, the Players take on the role of Super Genius Kids, in an entire town dedicated to being the “World’s Best & Brightest,” but when Mom & Dad work long hours in laboratories pushing science beyond the bleeding edge, the annual Science Fair can take on a Stranger tone as participants are doing more than baking soda volcanoes.

Troubled Teens

In this setting, the Players take on the role of Troubled Teens, kids that are on their last stop before being sent to prison — but this Special Care facility is Stranger than most, and it’s not just the creepy way the staff are acting but the bizarre powers the Kids begin to exhibit as well.

St. Cyprian’s School of Witchcraft

In this setting, the Players take on the role of Witches from our Stranger Stuff: Teenage Witchcraft book. While the setting can be played using the Spell-Touched and Spell Reader Power Traits as presented in the core Stranger Stuff book, to get the most out of the Stranger education you’ll receive at St. Cyprian’s we highly recommend you have a copy of Teenage Witchcraft.

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