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RPG Item: Entry Adventure 3: Path Through the Cloud Temple
PDF Version
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Year: 2005
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
Product Code: 3 (Saturday)
16 pages
Size: Letter
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Description Edit | History

`From the introduction:

At the end of the Age of Demons, just as the Giants began their rise to power, one fire giant struck a bargain with a powerful fiend, before the couatls could manage to bind him to the depths. This giant prince offered to hide the demon until after the scourging was complete. Seeing his imminent captivity, the fiend readily agreed. Little did he know that he was trading one form of captivity for another, as the hiding space was within the giant princes crown. Once the fiend was bound into the crown, the giant prince reneged on his bargain and used the knowledge of the demon to amass terrific power and attain everlasting life. Hidden away in a secret fortress deep in a jungle valley, the giant prince dreamt far greater dreams of conquest and total dominance.
"The mysterious Durvan, servant to dragons, has summoned you to Stormreach on the mystical continent of Xen’drik. You first met this strange warrior on the steps of a Xen’drik pyramid almost a year ago, where he cryptically warned you of the duplicity of your then employer –the changeling Tophran Damilek—which probably saved your life and thwarted much calamity wreaked upon the face of Eberron—Khorvaire at the very least.

"Since your arrival on this dangerous southern continent, you have been awhirl with activity. Durvan explained that a lone explorer entered Stormreach last Zor, shaking and shivering in the throws of a wasting illness. Before his enviable death he told a story of a strange frozen valley within the deep jungle, saying it was an ancient and powerful stronghold of an elusive whispering voice who spoke to him in the tongue of giants of a grand treasure for those who could “crack the ice” that surrounds it.

"In his delirium he gave only vague directions to this icy vale, but Durvan believes he has discovered the correct path, sending you toward the path of the Jyiin’zel Sky Temple. In that place is an ancient portal that can lead you to the Valley of Ice. He gives you a plain glass rod.

"'This is the Rod of Jyriin’zel. You must use it to activate the portal., which takes the shape of a pool in the heart of the temple. Its activation is simple, you must hold the rod and utter the phrase “Jyriin’zel show me the path to Winter Flame,” while standing next to or in the pool. It then takes time for the portal to attune itself…how long I do not know.'

"'You have traversed the Lake of Fire and now you must enter the Valley of Ice. I’ll put you on the correct path, but be warned. You follow a dust trail of those who would disturb that which must rest.'

"That was almost a week ago. In the meantime you have been making your way through deadly jungles to the foot of a steep mountain chain. A single winding stairway, 10 feet wide, climbs up past a layer of clouds to a large temple sitting between two peaks. This is the Jyriin’zel Sky Temple."

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