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RPG Item: Legends of Fantasy Core Rules
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Legends of Fantasy Core Rules
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RPG Item: Legends of Fantasy Core Rules
PDF Version
Publisher: Universal Legends Workshop
Year: 2014
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
107 pages
Size: Letter
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Description Edit | History

From publisher blurb:

Legends of Fantasy (LOF) is intended for those who wish to play in low to high level cinematic fantasy games, and is a UNIVERSAL fantasy system with a quick-playing, fun, and innovative game system.

LOF is designed to be easily and quickly adapted to any fantasy setting that you may wish to use; you are not limited to any particular setting; simply use any setting you already have or any setting you may wish to create!

- A "Role" based system - you choose the level you want in each Role: Put most of your dice into one Role and be rather exceptional at that Role, or divide your dice up among several Roles and be more of a "Jack-of-all-Trades" character that can at least attempt almost any task!

- Remarkable "Binary Die Task Resolution System"; With this system it is possible to succeed against *any* task difficulty given some level of skill or just simple good luck; but conversely, as in real life, you can never be certain that the task you are attempting will be as easy or hard as you think it is!

- Includes ONE HUNDRED (100) creature and NPC cards with all the popular monsters and useful NPCs you need!

- Over 75 pre-created magic items, including artifacts and some unique items never seen in any other game, plus detailed rules for enchanting any type of magic item from potions to artifacts.

- Almost three dozen skills to choose from.

- A character advancement system that mimics the way that most legendary tales advance their characters...no more fiddly 'experience points" or such to keep track of!

- Almost ONE-HUNDRED AND FIFTY (150) "Traits", both positive and negative, to choose from for your characters, and dozens of "Creature Traits" to help the LM to create his own creatures!

- A dozen pre-made races to choose from; additional races can be created in mere minutes!

- A unique and detailed (but easy-to-use) choice of magic systems, with options for a number of different magic systems and spell casting styles. Use anything from a 'fully dynamic' spell casting system where a caster can create spells 'on the fly' yet still is a balanced system, or use one of the systems that is like a more traditoonal RPG if you prefer...the choice is yours! Magic can be low-powered or near-earth-shattering in power according to your wishes.

- Hundreds of weapons, armor, items, and equipment/gear choices to choose from!

- A fun and useful 'Legend Point" system wherein the characters can influence game events while still maintaining overall game balance.

- Includes rules for poisons, damaging your weapon, travel (with a unique "Overland Day Cycle" system), encounters, movement, encumbrance, traps, spotting and visibility, magic effects, terrain (with a quick method to automatically generate cover), healing and recovery rules, soclal class and wealth rules, 'breaking and entering' rules including details for forcing opening or breaking down many types of doors/walls/gates, and much more!

- A detailed Conversion for the most popular RPG system avaialble as a free addition to the game!

- Includes a bonus one-page Character Creation quicksheet, compact 2-page GM Quick Reference Tables, a sample Spell Record sheet, and both an easy-on-the-ink B/W character sheet and an attractive full-color character sheet.

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