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RPG Item: Undercity Cult Temple
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Undercity Cult Temple
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PDF Version
Publisher: Seafoot Games
Year: 2020
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
14 pages
Size: A4
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Publisher's blurb:

The stench of fetid waters wafts down the constricting tunnels, mud caking your feet as you step over the pieces of broken stone that cover the floors. Many flooded tunnels connect up to this temple’s crumbling main chamber where a small dock has been made, two small rowing vessels have been moored and unloaded of their goods.

Planks have been put down to form rudimentary bridges over the disgusting water and crates and barrels containing supplies scatter the docks. Braziers flicker and burn on the walls, igniting tables where the cultists eat in revelry or plot the downfall of the non-believers.

Two jail cells lie just before a large chamber that contains the engraving of a large skull. Six statues watch over those in the room, carrying burning flames and a stone pedestal sits at the end a book of dark secrets resting on it’s cold surface.

Adventure Seed

Every ten years nine people of varying social status and background go missing in the city never to return and the tenth year has just come again. However this time someone dear to you has gone missing, whether they’re family, a friend or even an innkeeper, they’re gone and with little trace. You must track them down, perhaps it’s not to late to find them before they’re gone forever.

What’s going on? Long ago when this city was founded the people could not know the true nature of the location they had picked. Great horrors slumbered beneath them within the great networks of crypts and vaults that lie below the cities ground. Eventually the cities architects uncovered the ancient vaults and were ordered to open them by the nobility so that they many claim any treasures that were stashed within.

The clerics of the city begged them not to, citing ancient writings they had found with the tunnels, telling tales of ancient evils locked within the vaults, but the nobles didn’t listen and through greed for what they may contain released these evil creatures.

Every night the creatures would make their way into the city from the crypts, killing more innocents and only when the prince was killed in his bed did the nobles come to the clerics begging their help to fix what they had caused. The clerics devised a spell that would once again lock away the horrors but it had a price.

Ten souls would have to give their lives in a blood ritual to once again seal the vault, nine of them could be anyone, however the tenth would have to be of the blood line that was responsible for the opening of the vault and every ten years the spell would need to be repeated.

After this event the nobility took it upon themselves to find higher virtue, every ten the oldest among the nobility volunteers to be the cities sacrifice and keep it’s people safe for the mistake their family once made.

The person you wish to find has been randomly chosen to be one of the other nine that must be sacrificed and is being held in the undercity undergoing a purifying rite for the next week before the sacrifice is to be made, they’re treated kindly but have been made aware of what must happen to them for the good of the city.

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