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Year: 2020
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17 pages
Size: 8.27 x 11.69 inches
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"Oh, Midsummer! The time of singing, dancing, rejoicing and beer! The time of pagan rituals and druidic rites, the time where the summer reaches its peak, and borders between the realm of men and fey grow weaker...

Midsummer is a widely celebrated holiday in Northern Europe. People gather in the countryside, enjoying bonfires, dances, cultural and historic rituals, saunas and beer. It is only a bit more than a month away and as we all know, this summer will be different, and opportunities to meet friends in person might well be scarce. Therefore, we wanted to bring you something special, from our own culture, so that your characters might get a unique taste of the Midsummer festivities!

In a Midsummer Night, the party can meet Cedric, a young and promising bard, who requires some assistance for his Midsummer gig. A group of dryads got the fancy for him the year before, and the freshly-married bard requires some protection, so that he is not spirited away to the realms of the fey! The party arrives in the Sunwood Lodge, a hospitable countryside setting, where Midsummer is a much awaited celebration. Beer, dancing, rituals and even the blossom of the fern can be enjoyed, although don’t get too carried away, lest Cedric is abducted by his lovesick fans...

A Midsummer Night is a flexible, relaxing adventure, for parties of levels 3-10. It is a good fit for newcomers, as it has an easy-going atmosphere, focusing on revelry and non-lethal combat.
A culturally authentic setting. The midsummer festivities are extremely popular in Northern Europe. We’ve grown up with them, enjoyed them, and never, ever, have we made fools of ourselves by drinking too much. Cheers! Līgo!
Tables! We have a d8 table for events that might happen in the celebration, as quest prompts. Then there’s a d6 table for Wyrd Beer – the effects of a strange dwarven brew. And to top it off, a d20 table for atmospheric happenings.
New creature – Urdefolscin. A being formed from essence of the forest, crafted from bones, leaves, branches and forest shapes, it is a powerful, surprisingly quick guardian of the woods.
New item – The Blossom of the Fern. Finding the blossom of the fern is a cherished tradition for Midsummer couples. They venture into the forest in the night, and try to find this mythical plant, an act that is totally not a euphemism for anything else. This blossom has been rumored to be a part of ancient druidic fertility rituals, or, failing that, it can at least make someone seem more attractive.
Enjoy your Midsummer adventures! Good luck in the ferns!"

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