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RPG Item: Crypt of the Bone Tyrant
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Crypt of the Bone Tyrant
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RPG Item: Crypt of the Bone Tyrant
PDF Version
Publisher: Seafoot Games
Year: 2020
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
16 pages
Size: A4
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Description Edit | History

Publisher's blurb:

The chamber extends further than you can see with your petty torch. Before you are two sets of staircases on either side of a broken bridge leading down into a pit full of bones, rumble and something else. The bridge has fallen in multiple places along it’s path, leaving it’s iron chains hanging down from it’s railings to the ground below.

Smaller walkways hug the edges of the chamber and lead past many broken and crumbling crypts, in places these walkways too have collapsed. After passing through the bones, ascending and descending the stairs in the middle of the chamber you reach it’s end. A throne of bone and iron surrounded by the tombs of four others.

Adventure Seed

War has descended on the kingdoms of man. The king has died, leaving no natural heir to the throne and those of the great houses all claim it as theirs, including one of your close allies. Small skirmishes have already began on the bordering lands and more is to come.

Your ally however has a plan to claim the throne. He has uncovered an ancient scroll inscribed on a strange leathery material that contains the location of a powerful artifact known as the crown of ascendancy, the contents of the scroll have been written in a lost language but have been somewhat deciphered already.

Tale tells of the crown of ascendancy being used by a well loved king of a bygone age to wage war against the evil necromancer king and the army of the dead. This powerful artifact drew men to his side with unbreakable loyalty and bolstered them with inhuman strength and resilience. However even with this artifact the well loved king fell, his body buried in the depths of the white keep.

Your ally wants you to travel to the ruins of the white keep and hopefully recover this crown.

When you arrive at the location depicted on the scroll the first thing you noticed is the castle is not white but black, this however could be attributed to it being abandoned and in ruins for hundreds of years. You make your way into the depths of the crypt and finally arrive at the entrance to the kings vault. Large sigils have been engraved in the large stone doors and if you attempt to open it they open with easy but not before a bright light is released from the engraved lines.

When making your way to the throne you may be assaulted by undead crawling out of the bone pits or rising from their tombs and when you finally arriving at the throne you’re met by not the body of the well loved king but a skeletal figure sitting upon a throne who looks quite surprised to see you.

What’s really going on? The translator responsible for deciphering the ancient scroll has confused some of the words and the context written. It was not the well loved king whom held the crown but the necromancer king. The men he drew to his side with unbreakable loyalty, the bodies of the fallen and when the war ended it was the necromancer king that was buried deep within the catacombs, locked in a magically sealed vault that could only be opened from the outside and you’ve just opened the door.

If you all die to the necromancer king, consider serving him, he’s kind at heart and could use some powerful lord’s to help usher in a new age of undeath!

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