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Publisher: Arcanist Press
Year: 2020
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
20 pages
Size: Letter
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12 Exciting and Flavorful New Planar Subclasses for Heroes in the Forgotten Realms

Heroes in the Forgotten Realms encounter foes from many planes of existence. Indeed, some heroes even venture beyond the material plane in their quests. A special few heroes, however, carry the influence of the planes with them on their journeys, regardless of their destination. These heroes embody a particular plane, drawing power and unique abilities from the plane with which they have a connection. Whether you visit other planes or not, these subclasses can provide a rich diversity of options for players and DMs alike!

Featured subclasses:

Barbarian Path of the Beastlands: Take on an aspect of a predatory beast when you rage, bestial senses, tusks, scales, claws, or fangs. At higher levels, these aspects strengthen and become permanent. At 14th level, you can even polymorph into a large predatory beast.

Bard College of Pandemonium: These bards play a mad piping song that conjures the howling winds of their distant plane, whipping across the battlefield to scour their foes. You can also inflict visions of Agathion upon their foes or plummet them into shivering darkness.

Cleric Harmony Domain (Arcadia): Harmony clerics benefit from disicplined minds and emanate a harmonious influence, granting a bonus to their allies' saving throws. At high levels, you can even calm the emotions of a foe as a reaction when it makes an attack.

Druid Circle of the Arboreal: Arborea infuses these druids with the power to stand strong like a tree and to speak to plants at will. At higher levels, you are natural friends of all plant creatures and can even call upon the shrubs and trees around you, awakening them for a short time to aid you in battle.

Fighter Conquest Archetype (Acheron): The conquest fighter channels the combat zeal of Acheron, charging foes as a bonus action and granting a bonus d4 of tactical insight to their allies. At higher levels, you can call on your allies to use their reactions to make extra attacks, as well as use your own reaction to counterattack foes who strike you.

Monk Way of Chaos (Limbo): The chaos monk channels the ebb and flow of Limbo. Whenever you spend Ki, you may spend 2 extra to tap the randomness of that plane, granting you a variable benefit. It might refresh your Ki, or grant you advantage on your next attack, or even allow an addtional attack as a reaction. At higher levels, you can spend Ki to cast spells that warp others' perceptions of reality, from greater invisibility and mirage arcane.

Paladin Oath of Ysgard: The Ysgard paladins call upon the spirits of heroes who dwell on Ysgard. You can summon a valkyrie who harries your foes. You emanate an aura of endurance, granting your nearby allies temporary hit points, and can even welcome a glorious death, gaining free attacks against foes who hit you with a critical hit.

Ranger Feywilder: Feywild Rangers can cast the find familiar spell and can choose unique fey familiars: a blink dog, boggle, or sprite. At higher levels, you gain boons from the seelie and unseelie courts, endowing you with fey resistance to magic, among other mysterious powers.

Rogue Ethereal Marauder: The ethereal maruader can step into the border ethereal and reappear in a nearby location, using this ability to suprise foes or pass through solid objects. At higher levels, you can misty step as part of your Cunning Action, taking an attack with advantage when you arrive.

The Great Machine Sorcerous Origin (Mechanus): The machine sorcerous origin connects the sorcerer to the great plane of Mechanus. You have an affinity with machines and can summon a modron to assist you. At high levels, you can tranform your very flesh into a machine!

Warlock Elemental Patron: The elemental warlock gains an affinity with either earth, air, fire, or water, gaining approrpaite spells and damage resistances. You can add damage from your preferred element to your attacks. At high levels, you can even polymorph into an elemental.

Astral Wizard: Astral wizards can call upon the swirling mists of the Astral to cloak yourself or to stun your enemies. As you would on the astral, you no longer need food or drink, nor do you age. At high levels, you can even easily visit that arcane plane.

- taken from product page on DriveThruRPG

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