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RPG Item: SOS11: Ren's Final Flight
Publisher: Starry Knight Press
Year: 2021
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
Product Code: SOS11 RFF
88 pages
Size: Letter
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From publisher blurb:

A High-Level Fantasy Adventure for Player Levels 10 to 12
Intended for Use with Most Fantasy Roleplaying Games

While travelling in the mountains, you chance upon a small village preparing to celebrate the Winter Solstice. You are dismayed to learn these preparations include preparing a tribute for a dragon that dwells nearby. You learn this venerable dragon has plagued the village for centuries, demanding tributes all year round. When the villagers ask for your help in ridding them of this vile wyrm, will you answer the call this solstice?

Greetings adventurers and Game Masters!

I am very excited to release eleventh adventure in my Old School Series, REN'S LAST FLIGHT. This high-level adventure is a love letter to the gonzo, genre-bending fantasy sci-fi mashups of yore! This one-shot scenario is intended for 4 to 6 seasoned adventurers of levels 10 to 12. This adventure begins with your players being asked, as heroes often are, to free a village from the grips of a dragon. However, what the players will soon learn is that this particular dragon actually lairs in an abandoned ancient space port! So after defeating the dragon your players will be able to explore this strange complex; encounter its alien and synthetic life forms and discover all the off-world technology in its cold, dark halls. When was the last time that fighting a 350 year old dragon was only the *starting point* of your session? Buckle up, buttercup, because you're in for one wild ride, as this adventure provides 88 page of Old School excitement!

Synopsis: The adventure in this scenario takes place high in the mountains, near a small village known as Éorl’s Bane, which sits within the “no man’s land” between the forested valleys of the goodly nation of Alderburgh and the frozen steeps ruled over by the Northfolk Barbarian tribes. As Éorl’s Bane is technically outside the territorial boundaries of both of these great nations, its folk are used to the self-reliance needed to live in the wilds and on the borderlands. Indeed, these descendants of Éorl Longshanks, a spare heir of a noble lord of Alderburgh who sought to carve his own kingdom out of the wilderness, are no strangers to deprivation, for they have lived in thrall to a foul dragon, the great wyrm Steeltooth, for over three centuries. As part of a terrible bargain struck with the beast long ago, the villagers must offer up tribute four times a year, on the equinoxes and solstices. Failure to meet their obligation will result in the dragon raining fire down on the village and killing them all.

It is on such a tribute night, the Winter Solstice, when the players happen upon the village, seeking refuge whilst traveling on a dark and blustery night. Seeing their impressive gear and believing the party to be great heroes, the intended tribute Rowena Longshanks begs the players to save her and free her village from Lord Éorl’s bane, if they can! Excited by the promise of a rich dragon's hoard, and eager to do good, your group agrees to test their mettle against this great red wyrm, which goes by the name of Steeltooth!

However, your group is in for quite a surprise when you arrive at the dragon's lair! For neither the villagers nor Steeltooth are aware of a great mystery that lies within its lair, and the players are in for much more than they bargained for. This is because Steeltooth has chosen to lair on the front doorstep of a long abandoned space port built by an alien cooperative known as the Advanced Spherical Navigation Agency (ASNA). Some 400 years ago a terrible series of coincidences conspired to bring about a calamitous end to the port’s operations, and it was abandoned by its last custodian, navigator Ren Minerva. A century later the site was claimed by the young Steeltooth, but all of the wonders of this alien complex are still there, ripe for the picking!

Will you defeat the dragon, free Rowena and her village, and uncover the mystery behind Ren's Last Flight?

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