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Pg. 1
Publisher: Wydawnictwo MAG
Year: 1995
Soft Cover
ISBN-10: 838657206X
104 pages
Size: A4
Link Image
Repose Sans Paix
Publisher: Descartes Editeur
Year: 1991
Hard Cover
ISBN-10: 2740800088
104 pages
Size: A4
Link Image
Hardcover edition
Publisher: Games Workshop Ltd.
Year: 1989
Hard Cover
Product Code: 0026
ISBN-10: 1869893735
104 pages
Size: 9.75 x 12.00 inches
Link Image
Anime Inquiete
Publisher: Nexus Editrice
Soft Cover
ISBN-10: 8886149379
72 pages
Size: Letter
Link Image
Description Edit | History

From the Back Cover:

"Something stirs. The spirits claw down the barriers between our world and theirs. The crawl from beneath Morr's cloak and re-enter the land of the living, their intent unknown. Beyond the realm of possibility, the dead will not stay dead..."

The Restless Dead is a complete campaign for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. The characters must fight the combined forces of Chaos and Undead to reclaim a corpse - a corpse they must bury so that its ghost need no longer walk the earth.

Once drawn into contact with the spirit world, the players are led to the campaign's terrifying conclusion in a 200 year old house, where they must defeat the Haunting Horror or become trapped in Morr's realm forever.

The book also contains 24 pages of new combat rules, spells and magic items, and The Grapes of Wrath, a scenario designed to link Death on the Reik and Power Behind the Throne.

The Restless Dead Campaign is a compilation of the best recent White Dwarf scenarios, a specially written adventure, and a host of new material for every WFRP player.

Additional User Summary:

This is a collection of short adventures that can be linked into a campaign, along with some extra rules. It contains the following scenarios:

Scenario Originally appeared in...
Night of Blood White Dwarf (Issue 87 - Mar 1987)
On the Road White Dwarf (Issue 85 - Jan 1987)
Eureka White Dwarf (Issue 93 - Sep 1987)
A Rough Night at the Three Feathers White Dwarf (Issue 94 - Oct 1987)
The Affair of the Hidden Jewel White Dwarf (Issue 101 - May 1988)
The Ritual White Dwarf (Issue 99 - Mar 1988)
The Haunting Horror new adventure
Grapes of Wrath White Dwarf (Issue 98 - Feb 1988)

More Information Edit | History

A Rough Night at the Three Feathers originally appeared in White Dwarf #94; it was subsequently republished in The Restless Dead (WFRP1e) and Plundered Vaults(WFRP2e).

The Haunting Horror originally appeared in The Restless Dead (WFRP1e) and was republished in Plundered Vaults(WFRP2e).

Grapes of Wrath originally appeared in White Dwarf #98; it was republished in The Restless Dead (WFRP1e) and Plundered Vaults(WFRP2e).

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Reviews of The Restless Dead and The World of Warhammer.

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