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Box Set
Year: 1985
Box Set
ISBN-10: B000B66W2S
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Description Edit | History

From the back of the box:

Written by sages and high-ranking officials of Burdoth, the Tauther Guide is a handbook for Jorune explorers. It combines the warnings of a survival guide, the wonders of a cultural guide, and the practicalities of daily life to present a balanced picture of Jorune to all who venture beyond their familiar city or country surroundings. Citizenship, laws, etiquette and languages are explored. Heavily illustrated, with maps.

Guides players through character generation, dice, skills, the three races of humans (humans, muadra, boccord), energy manipulation, combat, and history of the planet from two different cultural perspectives. Human culture, law, and citizenship are discussed.

Written especially for game masters, with an omniscient perspective of the planet and information that players receive in the Tauther Guide. Has an extensive encounter generation system unique to Jorune. Technologies, weather generation, terrains, civilizations, history and creature descriptions are covered -- with many non-intelligent creature illustrations that are not in the Tauther Guide. Heavily illustrated, with maps.

The Sky Realms Campaign is a complete beginning Jorune Adventure that takes place on a newly discovered sky realm floating above the planet. Players venture through areas mapped especially for the campaign. Detailed encounters, new items and energy-manipulation techniques are provided. A step-by-step guide to refereeing Jorune.

RolePlaying on Jorune
Jorune is a place where names like Iscin and Maytrish inspire admiration, where the thailiers of the huge Corondon are cast into blades, where Shanthas rule a technology invisible to humans. The referee is not the absolute controller of the players' fate.

Encounters and Combat
Referees rejoice! You won't be stranded with volumes of Jorune material that you can't mold into encounters. Examples of encounters with every type of creature are provided, and all can be generated with a few simple rolls. Our tables create, for example: An injured, scragger-infested croid, remedying his wounds. The possibilities are endless.
Our combat system strips the hit-points out of gaming, and puts the action back in. Wounds are assessed for everything from thombo kicks to blaster shots. Adding a few numbers together, and thinking in the role-playing spirit are what it takes to master the Jorune combat system.

Ambient Energy
Jorune is permeated by an exotic form of energy unlike any found on Earth. Some creatures have learned to utilize this power in forms both destructive and benign - most manipulation techniques are skills which must be learned. The road to mastery is long, but the powers are great.

The second edition was supported by White Wolf with a series of articles in early issues of the magazine. Segment Jorune material included material from the essays with additional material from the Weick brothers. The material from the column was incorporated into the Sholari Companion from third edition.To support the Second edition a number of supplements were released.

The second edition from 1987 (!) is identical to the second edition 1985, except it includes a 20-page booklet of errata and expansions.

More Information Edit | History
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