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Pg. 1
Box Set
Year: 1994
Box Set
Product Code: TEK-2000
220 pages
Size: 9.00 x 11.75 inches
1.31 pounds
Link Image
Description Edit | History

This box set includes:

Volume 1 - Player's Guide (46 pages, saddle stapled)
Volume 2 - Sorcery and Spells (61 pages, saddle stapled)
Volume 3 - Referee's Guide (77 pages, saddle stapled)
Character Archetypes booklet (30 pages, not bound)

Map (22 x 17 inches), printed both sides, showing the Five Empires and a bit more.

Introduction to Tekumel (4 page sheet, folded over)

4 dice: 2 d10 and 2 d6

More Information Edit | History

Adventures on Tékumel is a complete roleplaying system.

The series of solitaire adventure books are designed to give the player an introduction to the culture of Tsolyánu and Tékumel in general. The player's character is developed as the player learns more about the setting.

Gardásiyal: Deeds of Glory is the core rule set for the role playing game, as played with a game master/referee. The rules in the solitaire adventures are very simple and not the same as those used for the full role playing game. Conversely, Gardásiyal doesn't have a character generation system. The solitaire books provide character generation combined with necessary information about the setting. Part One, in particular provides the majority of basic character generation, Part Two contains additional setting-related character details (e.g membership in secret societies.)

See the Adventures on Tékumel series information for more details.

Table of Contents


  • Volume 1 - Player's Guide (46 pages, saddle-stitched)
  • Volume 2 - Sorcery and Spells (61 pages, saddle-stitched)
  • Volume 3 - Referee's Guide (77 pages, saddle-stitched)
  • Character Archetypes booklet (20 pages, saddle-stitched)


  • Map: Tekumel (22x34)

Other Goodies

  • two six-sided and two ten-sided dice (2d6 & 2d10)
  • 2 double-sided 11x17 sheets of archetype portaits
  • Quick Reference Charts and Character Record Sheet (4 pages, folded sheet)
  • About This Game (4 pages, folded)
  • Order Form Advertising Sheet (2 pages, single sheet)
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