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Missing Persons (2006)

Average Rating: 0.00/10
RPG Item Rank: N/A
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d20 Version
Year: 2006
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
61 pages
Size: Letter
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Description Edit | History

From the back cover:
The second module in the Dark Spiral Quintet, Missing persons is an adventure for characters levels 5-6 in the Arcraetia setting.

From the publishers website:
Over the past four months, the city of Kiermont has suffered a rash of disappearances, people from all walks of life have gone missing. With the threat of outright war on the horizon, an as-yet young and untried duke seeks outside assistance to find the source of these troubles.

Digging into this mystery, however, could prove dangerous. Moreso than any might suspect. The darkness that dwells at the heart of this plot has done a far graver harm than the duke realizes, and uncovering the truth could prove costly.

Will your characters be able to find the source of that darkness? Or will they be consumed in their attempt to seek out these missing persons? Duke Regan has asked for your aid...will you answer his call and find what was lost?

The second module in the Dark Spiral Quintet, Missing Persons, is an adventure for characters levels 5-6 in the Arcraetia setting.

If you've never purchased a WorldWorks adventure before, you should know what sets it apart from a typical adventure. With the contents of this adventure, and the WorldWorks sets "DungeonWorks: Gothic Realms", and a little bit from out of "DungeonWorks Classic", "Chunky Dungeons" or "MiniChunk", you can create the entire adventure setting as a richly-detailed, immersive 3D environment! Don't just draw flat lines on a board, or even set down colorful flat maps...the Sewers of Kiermont come to life, and your players can see every wretched sewage-filled tunnel! The newly designed Modular Sewer System expands on Gothing Realms, and makes it possible to explore an immense area without having to build the whole thing ahead of time. Move pre-made tiles about and reconnect them in different ways to represent the PC's entire journey through the underside of Kiermont.
For those of you familiar with DungeonWorks: Gothic Realms already, Missing Persons is a must-have for the models alone. It expands on the original with a bundle of new pieces. Take a look at the models included with Missing Persons.


  • Crevasse Waterfall Tile
  • Sewer End pieces to make the connections work (in all four Gothic Realms colors)
  • Sewer T-Intersections (in all four Gothic Realms colors)
  • Sewer X-Intersections (in all four Gothic Realms colors)
  • Shattered Bridges (in all four Gothic Realms colors)
  • Elevated pool sides, to make your sewer pools fully 3D (in all four Gothic Realms colors)
  • A "river gate" entrance to the sewers, connecting to the outside
  • A "river wall" to extend that entrance to either side
  • An elevated 4x4 platform
  • Arches to go over the sewer tunnels

"pockets" to insert the arch ends into for a more finished look

  • An overhead sewer grate, leading down from above
  • A "ruined section" of sewer for a crumbled-down area, including an "island of rubble"
  • Transition steps to go from higher areas to lower

More Gothic Dungeons:

  • A full torture chamber, complete with "viewing platform"
  • Barred cell doors
  • A new "chain curtain" trap
  • Stairs up (narrow and wide)
  • Extra wall "covers" for a chamber of horrors
  • And more...the final encounter room must be seen to be believed

Concerned that you might not have the miniatures to run this adventure, and that you might be substituting an orc for an elf (or vice-versa)? Fear not! Missing Persons also includes a full set of "Standees". Print every single creature, or even the pre-generated player characters out as flat standup paper models. Sure, you can use your own minis if you have them...but this way you have the option. Need more? Print more! 43 unique standees, with nearly 80 different models in total from printing each page once.

And what's more, Missing Persons is released with our new Standee system. Print them out and fold them into simple T-Fold models for quick, easy construction, or follow the second set of lines and produce swappable models with different bases.

And let's not forget the pre-generated characters? Eight of them...each in a convenient single-page format, complete with picture and background. Enough to accommodate even a big gaming group, or give some variety and choice to a smaller one. If you don't care for, or don't use pre-generated characters, then you've a pack of NPCs ready to roll at a moment's notice. If you do use them, though, then you'll be ready to start your players heading through the adventure without wasting half a night rolling characters. Just pass 'em out, give 'em a few minutes to study them over, and you're ready to play!

These characters are the ones that came through the events of Something Below...higher level, a little more powerful, and hopefully a little wiser. Their story continues, and will continue onwards from here as well.

Come discover the WorldWorks difference in adventure modules today. Your campaigns will never be the same. And if you like what you see, just wait! Missing Persons is the second of a five-part adventure series, the Dark Spiral Quintet. If you missed Something Below, definately check it out as well, for it is there that this journey began, and come back again soon, for the story continues forward as well, and the next Dark Spiral adventure is soon to come.

More Information Edit | History
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