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Pg. 1
First Edition
Year: 1982
Box Set
Product Code: 4018-X
128 pages
Size: 9.25 x 12.25 inches
1.40 pounds
Link Image
Description Edit | History

From the back of the box:

Here are 9 new adventures for RuneQuest, set in the new RQ universe of Questworld. Everyone doesn't live in Glorantha, after all - there isn't room. But Smelchak and Fayer (pictured above) wouldn't live anywhere other than stylish and fashionable Questworld.

While Glorantha's gods have sway here, and though any RQ character can transfer here unchanged, new local gods have rise, unbound by the Great Compromise. No one knows the number of these new gods, nor their origin or power. Smelchak, for instace, is a Daredevil of Nik-el, the goddess of luck; Fayer, a Flynn of Panash, the god of savoir-faire.

Who can predict the creatures and encounters possilbe? If your player-characters are complacent, underworked, or overly sassy, have 'em stick a lunar into a sloth machine, ward off flying anvils, check out an elven graveyard, or attack a war wagon - Questworld is a new experience.

These scenarios mostly are for low or medium-level characters, whose best eapon is about 80%, but there are some tougher situations, too.


  • An Introduction to Questworld
  • Candlefire (with 5 scenarios)
  • Lord Skyppen's Mansion scenario
  • Greenwald Tales (3 scenarios, include a solo)
  • Map of the continent (17"x22")
  • Map of Greenwald (17"x22")

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