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Seaworks: The Legend of Skull Cove
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Description Edit | History

From the Publisher's website:

Skull Cove awaits! A place of mystery and adventure, strange beauty... and sudden death!!

This huge set contains over 197 unique items! What you get:

SeaWorks: Chapter One, The Legend of Skull Cove is a modular tropical island construction set with over 197 unique items! At it's heart is the innovative and unique system of cliffs, offering a variety of stairs, paths and levels. The cliffs can be used to model natural terrain, many feature built-in steps and platforms at the two and six-inch levels. They can be used to outline a bay, make a raging river canyon or volcanic crater. Designed for easy build-up and ruggedness, there are fourteen basic cliff modules, some offered in mirrored versions for flexibility. There's also a cliff-style arched portal as well as as a volcano cliff with add-on cone and dress panels. Three backs are provided for maximum flexibility. For extra stability use add-on buttresses or a bastion. Cap this impressive set with the sinister Skull Rock hideout! What secrets lie behind it's gaping eyes...YOU decide.

Three unique boats are ready to hoist sail for fun! Inspired by the ships' boats of the 18th Century, choose from two basic hull designs and outfit them with oars, sails or both. Dress up the boats with three different sail rigs, nine flags. viking shields, jib sail, oar-style-rudder, thwarts for seating or mounting a Swivel Gun or two. Hundreds of possibilities await! Finally the Raft with it's ragged sail will transport the lucky...and the wrecked ship the unlucky...

Increase your firepower with the Swivel gun, 32-pounder cannon or Carronade. Piles of Cannonballs and powder kegs included.

Tie up at the wooden or stone docks, take on a load with 7 kinds of cargo bundles, boxes, barrels and kegs. For larger ships use the 2" high wooden or stone piers. Top it off with the wooden crane with hook and swiveling action.
Foliage and Rocks:

For the first time, easy to assemble tropical foliage is offered. Three kinds of palm trees and a variety of bush modules will easily model a steaming jungle or sparse steppe, combining maximum visual impact with simple assembly. They build up faster than a clipper ship on a broad reach!

There are thirteen kinds of rocks in two textures, a gray stone and a beach rock texture to dress up the land areas or craft a hazardous reef!

Skull Cove features a primitive village with two huts and a series of ruins. Build the weed-choked Henge, or rows of mysterious obelisks in both broken and unbroken versions. Complete the village scene with the fearsome Idol and the Altar! Help the natives get around in style with the handy Canoe, add one or two outriggers to taste.

This wooden fortress has 4 and eight inch long Stockade Walls. Add a handy walkway for good fire coverage. Complete the fort with Towers and a Gate.

Your pirate island will come to life with many, many accessories: including a treasure horde with opening chests. Customize the contents with three unique interiors. The horrors of the deep await with ominous fins and an ooze-dripping tentacle! Three bridges, wood and stone are included as well as 3 different sets of stairs and a menacing spiked gate for the top of the cliffs.
Ground Tiles

14 ground tiles are included, both water and land. Make a shoreline with seven different shore tiles, as well as four river tiles, and a Volcano lava tile.

* 14 Cliff Modules with 2" and/or 6" levels
* Skull Rock
* Volcano Cliff
* Cliff-style Arch
* 3 Cliff Backs
* 4 Cliff Dress panels
* 2 Cliff Ledges
* 4 Cliff Buttresses
* Cliff Bastion
* Cliff Gate
* Cliff top Tower
* 3 Bridges
* 4 Extra Tops
* Long Boat
* Jolly Boat with rudder
* 3 Sail Rigs
* 2 Sail Thwarts
* Swivel Gunne and Thwart
* Standard Mast
* 2 Supply Caches
* Viking Shield
* Oars and Oarlocks
* 9 Flags and Pennants
* Oar-style Rudder
* Cargo Box in net
* Bundled Cargo in Net
* Barrels
* Cask
* Floating Cask
* Keg
* 32-Pounder Cannon on truck
* 68-Pound Carronade on slide
* Cannonball Pile
* 2 Native Huts
* Native Idol
* Native Altar
* Overgrown Henge
* Native Canoe with 2 thwarts
* Native Canoe Outrigger
* Broken and Unbroken Obelisk
* Chunky Wall
* Fort Tower with optional top
* Fort Stockade Walls - 4" and 8"
* Fort Stockade Walkway
* Fort Gate
* 5 Foliage units
* 2 Palm Trees
* 16 Rocks
* Wrecked Ship
* 2 Stone Docks
* 2 Wood Docks with Ramp
* 2" Stone Pier
* 2" Wood Pier
* Movable Crane with Hook
* 3 1" Steps
* 4 2" Steps
* 2 3" Steps
* Solid Treasure Chest
* Opening Treasure Chest with 3 inserts
* 3 Small Hordes
* 3 Huge Hordes
* Tentacle
* 2 Shark Fins
* 40 Ground tiles, 1" Grid and No Grid versions
* 4 Land Tiles
* 6 Beach Tiles
* 4 River Tiles
* Lava Tile
* Deep Sea Tile
* Shallow Sea Tile
* Whirlpool Tile
* Sargassum Weed Tile
* Full color photographed instructions for all models
* Online user support and community at the WorldWorks games message boards

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