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Battlesystem Fantasy Combat Supplement
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ObjectID: 73026
Pg. 1
Box Set
Publisher: TSR
Year: 1985
Box Set
Product Code: 1019
ISBN-10: 0880383437
72 pages
Size: 9.16 x 11.75 inches
Link Image
Description Edit | History

From the Back of the Box:

An exciting new direction for AD&D(R) and D&D(R) games!

Create fantastic armies with miniature figures or die-cut counters and fight incredible battles against the forces of evil!

The BATTLESYSTEM(TM) game is fully compatible with any official AD&D(R) or D&D(R) game spell, monster, or plane of existence - no matter how obscure! You can create your own battles or play the exciting scenarios - including an epic DRAGONLANCE(TM) adventure battle!

The BATTLESYSTEM(TM) game uses an innovative mass combat system and allows the use of field artillery, flying, magic, invisibility, and illusion! AD&D(R) and D&D(R) characters can earn experience points by commanding armies or fight as individual heroes!

Lead your armies into the ultimate fantasy war with the BATTLESYSTEM(TM) Fantasy Combat Supplement!

Here's What You Get!
A. 1 32-page rule book
B. 1 24-page scenario book
C. 1 16-page guide to miniatures
D. 2 Player Aid Cards
E. 2 Metal Miniature Generals
G. Army Roster Sheets
H. 801 die-cut counters

More Information Edit | History

This supplement also appears on the BGG side of the site as Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Battlesystem.

Table of Contents


  • Battlesystem Fantasy Combat Supplement (32 pages, stapled)
  • Scenario Book (24 pages, stapled, cover)
  • The Art of Three-Dimensional Gaming (16 pages, stapled)
  • Army Roster Sheets (48 pages, stapled)

Other Goodies

  • Two Player Aid Cards
  • Eight sheets of fold-up 3-D buildings and terrain
  • Eight sheets of die-cut counters
  • Two metal miniatures

List of Counters in box

Note: each sheet is folded into two, hence the reference in the contents to "Eight sheets of die-cut counters". This list is user created.

Sheet 1 - Cavalry etc - 1019XXX1201
Orc (mounted)/wounded orc (mounted) x8
Goblin (mounted)/wounded goblin (mounted) x16
Heavy cavalry (yellow)/wounded heavy cavalry x4
Heavy cavalry (pink)/wounded heavy cavalry x8
Light cavalry/wounded light cavalry x16
Giant (white)/wounded giant x12
Chariot (white)/damaged chariot x4
Elephant/wounded elephant x2
Dragon (white)/wounded dragon x3
Chariot (pale yellow)/damaged chariot x4
Dragon (pale yellow)/wounded dragon x8

Sheet 2 - Monsters - 1019XXX1202
Troll (pale yellow)/wounded giant x9
Ogre (pale yellow)/wounded monster (yeti) x6
Ogre (pale yellow)/wounded roc x3
Wyvern (pale yellow)/wounded monster (yeti) x2
Wyvern (pale yellow)/wounded monster (manticore) x4
Giant (pale yellow)/wounded giant x6
Giant (pale yellow)/wounded monster (purple worm) x3
Troll (yellow)/wounded giant x6
Troll (yellow)/wounded monster (purple worm) x3
Ogre (yellow)/wounded monster (yeti) x6
Ogre (yellow)/wounded monster (purple worm) x1
Ogre (yellow)/wounded roc x2
Wyvern (yellow)/wounded monster (manticore) x6
Giant (yellow)/wounded giant x9
Giant (yellow)/wounded monster (purple worm) x3
Roc (yellow)/wounded roc x3
Monster (yeti) (yellow)/wounded monster (yeti) x8
Monster (manticore) (yellow)/wounded monster (manticore) x4
Monster (purple worm) (yellow)/wounded monster (purple worm) x3
Monster (purple worm) (pale yellow)/wounded monster (purple worm) x7
Roc (pale yellow)/wounded roc x2
Monster (yeti) (pale yellow)/wounded monster (yeti) x6
Monster (manticore) (pale yellow)/wounded monster (manticore) x6

Sheet 3 - Humans, demi-humans, and humanoids - 1019XXX1203
Orc (spear)/wounded orc (spear) x18
Orc (bow)/wounded orc (bow) x16
Elf/wounded elf x24
Peasant/wounded peasant x22
Monster (bugbear)/draconian x24
Dwarf/wounded dwarf x30
Human (sword)/wounded human (sword) x24
Human (bow)/wounded human (bow) x20
Orc (sword)/wounded orc (sword) x30

Sheet 4 - Demi-humans, humanoids, and condition markers - 1019XXX1204
Magic (white)/magic (orange) x20
Invisible/magic (orange) x16
High altitude/magic (orange) x4
Medium altitude/wound x26
High altitude/wound x4
Medium altitude/immobilised x6
High altitude/immobilised x5
Low altitude/immobilised x 9
Low altitude/invisible x9
High altitude/invisible x1
Immobilised/charm x14
Medium altitude/charm x4
Low altitude/charm x 2
Magic (white)/high altitude x20
Rout/low altitude x20
Blank counters x40
Halfling (spear) x20
Halfling (sword) x20
Halfling (sling) x20
Goblin (spear) x25
Goblin (bow) (pale yellow) x15
Halfling (bow) x30
Gnome (bow) x15
Gnome (spear) x15
Kobold (club) x20
Kobold (axe) x10
Goblin (bow) (yellow) x10

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