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HYBRID (1996)

Average Rating: 1.52/10
RPG Item Rank: 7299
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Description Edit | History

From the Game's Text:

About my RPG HYBRID: It assumes that reality tries to reveal itself.

About the Author: I'm trying to find an easy way to make sense out of gibberish that is found in many advanced math books, by Rule # 369. And, use that to understand science-fiction that of MU & Dr Who.

User Summary:

HYBRID is an incomplete homebrew RPG that attempts to model a large number of emergent phenomena through a small number of mathematical formulae. The function X^Log10(X) is one of the core parts of the system. The game is mostly diceless, although d6 are used where randomisation is employed.

It consists of many rules (551 in the last version) each of which either states a way to model something using the game's formulae, or is just a commentary by the author (and not actually a rule). Some of this commentary is not directly related to the game.

The game text makes many references to other RPGs. The most frequent references are to the 1986 version of Marvel Super Heroes, Champions / HERO, Aberrant, and GURPS.

More Information Edit | History

A Note on the Versions of HYBRID

The author deliberately has made numerous contradictory statements about the versioning of the game. In (very) rough terms, once a rule is created often it stays fairly stable, but this is not always the case. Many of the early "versions" of the game comprised updates to rules (especially corrections in formulas) including re-sequencing and deletions. The game came to be authored as a series of statements, usually numbered fairly sequentially. Some statements appear to be rules; many statements are references to pop culture or various other games; many statements are nonsensical; many statements are comments on previous statements. The game has been published in a bewildering number of "versions". Note that version numbers are definitively non-sequential.

Perhaps the most lucid statement regarding the game was provided in the "Preface" to Version 0.30 (here edited for clarity): " rpg HYBRID uses only a few stats...basically a tri-stat system, meaning it has 3 main components: LS or life-span, DP or default psyche, & PL or power level. The mechanics of my rpg which I refer to as the M-Theory of compatible with 2 dozen popular rpgs...The coincidental compatibility of my mostly diceless rpg HYBRID make it easy to learn, understand, & use. It will remain FREE as long as its incomplete, as it will take many years, if not decades, to complete it."

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