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Pg. 1
PDF Edition
Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Year: 2010
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
Product Code: PEG2702FG2
8 pages
Size: Letter
Link Image
Print Version
Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Year: 2000
Product Code: 2702
ISBN-10: 1889546771
ISBN-13: 978-1889546773
Size: Letter
Link Image
Description Edit | History

From the Packaging:

Legions of slavering abominations abound in this macabre menagerie of Weird Western horrors! This set features the best nasties found in Rascals, Varmints, and Critters, as well as Rascals, Varmints, and Critters 2: The Book of Curses! Use 'em in your Deadlands roleplaying game, or with our free miniatures rules -- High Noon -- available on our Weird Website (

More Information Edit | History

This pack contains tokens for the following characters:

Animal Man (1)
Automaton (1)
Blob (1)
Bloodwire (1)
Bogie Man (1)
Carcajou (1)
Catamount (1)
Chinook (1)
Chupacabra (1)
Clockwork Terrantula (1)
Dark Beast (1)
Demon (1)
Doomcloud (1)
Dr. Frankenstein (1)
Dread Wolf (2)
El Diablo Negro (1)
El Diabolo Rojo (1)
Horned Serpent (1)
John Henry (1)
Large Terrantula (1)
Mexican Dragon (1)
Nagual (1)
Paul Bunyan (1)
Bill (1)
Piasa (1)
Pit Wasp Swarm (1)
Poison Woman (1)
Prarie Tick Queen (1)
River Leviathan (1)
Scarecrow (1)
Sineater (1)
Siren (1)
Siren Lure (1)
Stone Man (1)
Tentacle (8)
Terrormental (1)
The Thing Under The Bed (1)
Tiny Terrantula Swarm (1)
Ustrel (1)
Wereshark (1)
Will O' The Wisp (1)

Glom (1)
Adam, Dr. Frankenstein's Monster (1)
Black Regiment (4)
Bloat (2)
Cemetary Wolf (2)
Cinematic Vampire (2)
Desiccated Dead (2)
Dracula (1)
Feral Dead (2)
Frozen Dead (2)
Ghost (2)
Hanging Judge 1, Cyrus Call
Hanging Judge 2, Hiram Jackson
Hanging Judge 3, Luther Kirby
Hanging Judge 4, Marcus Lafayette
Hanging Judge 5, Moses Moore
Headless Horseman (1)
Joaquin Murieta (1)
Mummy (1)
Nosferatu (2)
Patchworkman (1)
Penanggalen (1)
Pox Walker (1)
Skeleton (1)
Skinshifter (1)
Skinwalker (1)
Springheel Jack (1)
Walkin' Fossil (1)
Wampyr (1)

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