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Revised Edition
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Saddle Stapled (modules/pamphlets)
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32 pages
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Description Edit | History

Changes in the Revised Edition:

Table of Contents (p 1):
"Level Three" line: Changed page from 28 to 22.
Added "Level Four" line, showing page 28.

Copyright page (p 2):
"EVIL RUINS" main title text is larger.
Removed Martin F. King's author credit.
Added Research Assistance credit for Martin F. King.
Added "REVISED EDITION" on the right side of the page, below the All Rights Reserved paragraph.

Traveling By Themselves (p 6):
1st paragraph: Added " the GM should" to the second sentence.
4th paragraph, first three lines: Wrapped differently, but are otherwise identical.
4th paragraph, last sentence: Changed "people's" to "peoples'".

John Daleson (p 6):
1st sentence: Changed "adventurer's" to "adventurers'".
2nd sentence: Changed "his cottage" to "his cottage outside of Austell", and merged the sentence with what was previously the 3rd sentence by changing ". They also notice" to "and".

Game Masters Map (p 7):
Added "Day One", "Day Two", and "Day Three" travel markers.
Added a "Bridge of Woe" marker.
Moved the "Cemetary" [sic] marker.
Slight redraw of the cemetery symbols on the map.
The "Scale: Mile" marker now has vertical lines on either end.

Journey to the Tower (p 7): Title moved down slightly.

Tintagel level ii map (p 15):
Added "A" marker to the center of the four-way intersection in the middle of the map.
Added "9" to the small room adjacent to (to the east of) room 8.

15 Secret Room (p 18):
1st sentence: Added "GM ONLY:" before the start of the sentence. Changed "Twenty" to "20".
Changed all italicized text to be non-italicized, because it's not supposed to be read-aloud text.
Removed the three dots prior to the 4th paragraph.

Tintagel level iii map (p 23):
Added "P" to the second-rightmost unlabeled room at the very top of the map.
The "Scale: 10 Feet" marker now has vertical lines on either end.