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The trader lurched once more as waves crashed across the beam, driving it even closer to the rocks and the cliffs. Clinging to a stay, the Master turned to the figure sitting quietly beneath the deck-shelter. "Do something!" He shouted. "This wind will drive us onto the rocks!"

The figure nodded, then stood. Grabbing onto the rail he grabbed hold of a Talisman around his neck and began chanting, ignoring the spray washing over himself and the crew. Slowly the wind began to turn and the ship found itself in the center of a circle of wind moving away from the threatening shore. The ship settled, now only tossed by the wind-whipped waves.
"You've got ten minutes!" shouted the Weatherworker.

The Master nodded grimly. "That will do!" He shouted a stream of orders at the crew and slowly the ship began to claw away from the lee shore...

Welcome to the Demesnes of Petty-Magick!

Here you will find a new magic system for the RuneQuest Roleplaying Game: Petty Magick. Designed to empower low-level spellcasters with new flexibility, and enabling reuse of existing Rune Spells, the skill-based Petty-Magick system can be included in any campaign.

Rules are provided for the core Petty-Magick skill system and it's Demesnes, including automatic spells, developing skills without adventuring, and researching and learning new spells and tables are provided showing which of the existing Rune Spells can be used by each Demesne. Petty-Magick spellcasters can use Talismans, magic focii and reservoirs of power to power their spells and Hedge Wizards use Familiars, loyal beast companions who can act as scouts and sources of power for their spells.

With new professions, copious numbers of new Petty-Magick and Rune Spells, additional rules to enable Weatherworkin, and spells for the foes of your Player-Characters, Petty-Magick adds an absorbing and exciting dimension to any RuneQuest campaign.

Fully compatible with the RQ OGL (MRQI) and easily upgradeable to MRQII.

Included in this packed sourcebook:

  • Rules for learning and researching new spells
  • Talismans, magical focii to empower spellcasters
  • Rules for binding and commanding Familiars, the loyal companions and scouts of Hedge Wizards
  • Over 30 new Rune Spells usable by Petty-Magick users or by Runecasters, easily able to be absorbed into any campaign
  • Create a storm with extended Rules for weather and Weatherworking
  • New Professions for Petty-Magick characters: the Petty-Sorcerer, the nature-loving Hedge Wizard, Sea Witches, Weatherworkers and more...
  • The Demesnes of Necromancy and Chaos to give dread new depths to your Player Character’s opponents.