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From publisher blurb:

Within this book await villainous, noble, and not-so noble characters alike - fascinating personalities designed to spark adventures large and small. Here you'll find a bard with a heavenly voice, who veils her face; or the daughter of a celestial, who is tempted by a "friendly" imp. One character is a pirate queen with the ambition to rule an empire; another, a halfling sorceress only worried about finding her next meal.

Each character comes with adventure seeds to broaden the horizons of any campaign, along with new feats, spells, items, prestige classes, and more, ready to be added to a published campaign world or to a GM's homegrown setting.

Uncommon Character is a 128-page OGL sourcebook that includes:

  • 36 non-player characters, with detailed histories and descriptions including complete OGL stats, all ready to be introduced into a campaign at a moment's notice. Plus familiars, mounts, companions, and even an aquatic paladin's war-eel!
  • Over 100 adventure seeds linked to specific NPCs.
  • New magic items and artifacts like the rib cage and the iron skull of Brodan; new spells like control mirror image and Bezmurn's beacon; new monsters like the cackle dead; new feats like Rally, Componentless Spell, and Strange Luck; two new deities worshiped by ogres and nixies; new prestige classes like soul crafter and halfling hawkeye; and a new race that dwells disguised just beyond the bounds of human society.
  • Quick-reference appendices arranged by OGL material and by Challenge Rating, to make finding a suitable NPC or your favorite crunchy bits fast and easy.