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From publisher blurb:

There is a cancer thriving in the midst of a bustling city. . .

. . . a shadowy conspiracy bent on driving House Mezzia, a once proud and noble merchant family, to its knees. Forced to turn to outsiders for aid, an ambitious young scion of the Mezzia clan needs heroes to stand with him against the encroaching peril, heroes who are willing to follow him through the dark heart of the underworld. The Mezzias are desperate and will reward well those who aid them in their hour of need, but what good are material rewards for those who find themselves trapped In the Belly of the Beast?

In the Belly of the Beast is an adventure for the OGL for 2nd- to 4th-Level Characters. It features:

  • Roleplaying intensity, in which the players' ability to ally with potentially deadly enemies is critical to success in the adventure.
  • A flexible and easily modified adventure setting which is designed to be quickly adaptable to any campaign world with a minimum of GM work.
  • An open-ended but fully developed structure that allows GMs to tailor the events in the module to the specific tastes of a gaming group and the details of their personal game worlds.
  • Maps created in Profantasy Software's Campaign Cartographer 2, and available for download on the Atlas Games website ( GMs can customize and manipulate these maps themelves, if they own CC2, and integrate them into their own game worlds.