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From publisher blurb:

A city torn asunder...

The city of Marchion was a thriving community, a gateway for trade between civilized and barbarian lands. All the races lived together; if not in harmony, at least in peace. But now orcish raids have devastated trade, and hard times are turning the races against each other. It's up to a bold group of adventurers to save the city from itself.

Splintered Peace is a political campaign emphasizing both action and intellect, in which the player characters race to prevent racial tensions from tearing their home apart. It's designed for 8th-level characters with a mix of classes and abilities.

It features:

  • A scenario that takes place over the course of weeks or months of game time.
  • An 11" x 17" map of the city of Marchion printed on the hardcover book's endsheets, with descriptions of its important locales and adventure hooks.
  • Character descriptions for over 30 NPCs, including Marchion's mayor, the town council, prominent citizens, and spokespeople for the townsfolk.
  • 20 tribes of orcs, and guidelines for the interactions of the primary tribes with the PCs and townspeople of Marchion.
  • Eight new local gods, including Masshogu, Mother of All Orcs.
  • 10 extra adventure seeds to use before or after the main adventure, making Marchion a continuing part of your campaign world.