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From publisher blurb:

The Dragon’s strength is industry. Countless factories stain the skies and poison the cities to spew out an unending flood of weapons and war machines. Join us, and we will grant you the means to obliterate your enemies with overwhelming force. Those who resist will be crushed.

The Dragon’s cunning is secrecy. Let fools whisper of forbidden technology and unholy alliances with rogue god-machines, for they still cannot imagine the full horror of the truth. Join us, and we will induct you into a world of shadows, that you may witness the power we keep hidden from our enemies. Those who are loyal shall learn all.

The Dragon’s spirit is unity. The greatest criminal syndicates across the globe, a pack of snarling, squabbling dogs, have been united – a wolfpack beneath the banner of the Dragon. Join us, and we will offer you a family who will always be at your back, a family to whom allegiance is life. Those who betray us shall beg for death... eventually.

The Dragon has awoken in the East, and the world’s most amoral, ruthless villains rush to swell its ranks.
The Dragon Awoken is a complete guide to the Ai-Jinn featuring new Trainings, Licenses, Equipment and vehicles including how to build your own the god-like cyberlins. The background of the corporation is detailed as well as many of the secrets that make this corporation one of the most terrifying organisations in the history of the planet.

Players and GMs alike will find a wealth of material for using the Ai-Jinn in the role of PCs or NPCs.