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Inspiration Dice are the perfect way to jump start your next creative project. In the original and mega sets there are four categories of dice; genre, character, action and plot. To get started, just roll a genre, character, and action die. This first roll gives you the setting, the character you're starting with, and their main goal. This is where where you start writing, drawing, or creating. If you get stuck, just roll a plot die or two!

The point is to find inspiration... Roll what inspires you. If you think it is time for a new character, roll a new character! Roll multiple actions at once! Roll multiple plot dice at once! Inspiration Dice are meant to give you a push and you get to do the rest. Challenge yourself to accept the dice you roll, and you'll be surprised what you can come up with.

With the Character Trait expansion, you can roll qualities for your original character or any other character that may pop up. Roll all four at once and create incredible character depth!

With the Action and Plot expansion, you get 12 more actions and 12 more plot devices and twists. The possibilities are endless! Roll a handful and see what you get!