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RPG Item: The Blessing of St Agnes
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Lulu Softcover Version
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Saddle Stapled (modules/pamphlets)
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28 pages
9.00 x 7.00 inches
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As you step from the inn into the cold pale light of a watery spring morning, a peal of tear-sodden cries echoes across the half empty market place beckoning your better nature to discover just what has gone amiss...

The young daughter of a wealthy merchant has vanished, leaving him distraught and pleading for assistance. In the depths of the dark woods, beyond the bounds of the town, the ruined remains of a chapel to St Agnes hide more than a few secrets of a forgotten sisterhood and hope for the helpless.

This 28-page adventure, written with a fantasy or historical game (with a healthy dose of the supernatural) in mind, is aimed at characters of low to medium experience. However, as well as an adventure, you also get a fine appendix, including advice on customizing the game for different styles of play. The Blessing of St Agnes also includes a map of the chapel, with each room matched to a section of the explanatory text.

The Blessing of St Agnes is system-free and you can easily adapt it to your favourite game system or campaign setting.