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AE ErrorMemory failurecorrection onlineRunning diagnostic O ...The unot that called itself Peter dove for cover as a blast scorched the earth where he had been standing. This was bad. He loaded another energy cell into his weapon. His Lat. He was in trouble. Perhaps if he...
AE ADFAFailed|Rebot|Memory failure|Diagnostic O TePer r5lled t8... side as the smoke cleared. A grenade. That looked like a grenade. He checked his weapon. Full power cell. He checked his others. There were none. What had happened to the rest? Maybe...
AE Interrupt|Damage to sensory calibrationAim offEnd interrupt O
...Mitchell cursed as the diagnostic flashed in his molecutronic brain. Perhaps God didn't smile on androids

Inside you will find every personal enhancement a privateer could desire - cybernetics, exoskeletons, biotech, implants, neuralware, and more. Treat yourself to a dermal weave, biohydralic joints, razor nails, or even an adrenal boost.
Tired of retreading the same old flesh and blood characters? Try out your own state of the art android or robot. Customize yourself with complete character generation guidelines with a myriad of templates, options, and flaws.
Also included are 8 attack tables, complete repair & malfunction rules, and 13 critical tables focusing on androids and robots. Steel yourself for action! Long live tchnology! Power to the androids.

Tech Law - 3 volumes, the perfect tool for customizing technology in your science fiction game. Look for Equipment Manual and Vehicle Manual to add even more tech to your game!