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Gregory watched engines burn.
The gravity had gone out. In zero-G, fires started as a sphere instead of a flame, until the air started to move and they settled on a direction of "up". Their color was bluer too. It was almost pretty.
"I wanted the salvage" the Lieutenant said.
"Evacuate, sire" Gregory said. "If we hadn't lost gravit, we'd already be dead. This thing is going to blow big."
Warrant Officer Gregory Karpov took off as fast as he could.
Gregory headed for the bridge as fast as he could, cursing the zero-G. The ship was going to blow, and it was going soon. Gregory had to get the pirate ship clear of his own crippled craft before all hell broke loose.
"Computer, give me control of this ship." he demanded as pulled off his helmet.
"Authorization?" the computer responded.
Damn those dead pirates and their paranoid souls, Gregory thought. Hopefully they haven't hacked too deeply into the computer.

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