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RPG Item: Arcane Companion (RMSS, 3rd Edition)
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Guild Companion PDF version
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126 pages
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From publisher blurb:

Since the dawn of time man has struggled to understand the nature of magic...

Now you can explore the origins of the most powerful, but hardest to control, type of magic: Arcane. With this companion, the old rules for Arcane magic are completely revised to be 100% compatible with the Rolemaster Standard System. While some of the concepts from previous companions were maintained, the entire structure of Arcane magic has been revised.

In Arcane Companion you get:
  • A discussion of the concepts and premises behind Arcane magic and how GMs can introduce it into their games.
  • Guidelines on how to mesh the rules for the Arcane into the Rolemaster Standard Rules, how to handle temporary enchantments (called Bladerunes), and the risks of using Arcane magic.
  • Four new Arcane-using professions.
  • Rules for controlling the acquisition of Arcane magic (through the use of a new concept—macro lists).
  • 46 Arcane spell lists (including 10 Open Arcane Lists, 10 Closed Arcane Lists, and 26 Arcane Base Lists).
  • Four new spell attack tables (including Void Bolt, Void Ball, Mana Bolt, and Mana Ball attack tables) and a revised Basic Spell Attack Table.
  • A Spell Failure Table for Arcane magic.

Publisher's Note: This product was recreated from image scans. It is searchable but the quality is imperfect.