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From publisher blurb:

A classic Shadow World module

Throughout most of the Third Era, the five Abarquan Islands have remained peaceful and safe, protected by their isolation and by the Great Oracle, an unseen but powerful presence whose palace atop Mount Tatham is a refuge to all in need. Unknown to the Saurkur, a race of intelligent reptiles who inhabit the isles, forces of the Unlife have seized control of one island through a dark gate called the Thirsting Cave . A plague and other mysterious deaths scattered the island's inhabitants, who sought refuge under the Oracle's watchful gaze . Now, pirates raid merchant vessels in the archipelago and a sense of doom pervades the tropical empire. Can foil the dark plot of the Unlife's minions? Will the Oracle reveal himself for the first time in centuries?
"Islands of the Oracle" includes :
  • Seven adventure scenarios, including a visit with the fabled Oracle, a battle at sea with ruthless pirates, and a mission to uncover the source of the Unlife's power .
  • Maps of all the islands, including detailed views of the port city of Abtaris and the metropolis of Kariska .
  • Adventure sites, including the deadly lair of the Unlife, the Palace of the Oracle and the Citadel of the Stars, where piles of gold rest undisturbed.
  • Assorted GM aids, including Master charts for all NPCs, beasts,and island military forces, and game stats, including a Wind and Storm Table and a Weapons Table.

Publisher's Note: This product was created from image scans and its quality is therefore imperfect. It is a searchable pdf.