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From publisher blurb:

League of Merchants: Lords of the Imperial Underworld is a Spacemaster 2nd Edition adventure module.

Thick mist hangs on the cliffs of Hestus V, settling over the dark forests. The League exploration ship, Cleopatra, slides silently through the churning clouds, evading Provincial scans. Suddenly she bursts from the low ceiling over a narrow vale. Below les what the Cleopatra seeks; flanked by a pair of waiting Ghedian priests crouches a huge cauldron, brimming with prismatic light. Beautiful crystals glow with an inner fire, for their energy is Psionic power beyond belief. Such power might control even the Empire.

Cleopatra has found her treasure, and the League will be pleased.


Enter the sinister realm of the League of Merchants, a dynasty of thieves, terrorists and crime lords spanning the Terran Empire-and beyond. Their shadowy tentacles have found their way into every aspect of society, masterminding illegal operations; from raiding ancient ruins to controlling provincial governments.

League of Merchants is a Space Master Campaign book detailing the complex structure of an interstellar network of outlaws, coordinated by a powerful, secret council of master criminals. Corporations controlled by the League, divisions of operation, bases and important members are included. Every aspect of the League is presented for a GM to fully insinuate it into his SF campaign.

As free-lance mercenaries, officers of the law, or even League Agents, you can:

  1. Plunge into an exciting mission where blackmail, doublecross, and the violent sport of Power Raking combine into a complex League frame-up.
  2. Discover the cause of disturbing events on board your ship after a lone drifting traveler is retrieved from space.
  3. Attempt to enter Starhaven, the League stronghold guarded by bloodthirsty killers and ancient machines stolen from the crypts of the Old Ones.
  4. Steal a unique artifact of the supposed long dead K'taviir Empire from Imperial Archaeologists.
  5. Travel to the quarantined world of Hestus V and discover its coveted mysterious power.


  • Corporate Readout sheets of League Controlled Companies
  • Detailed layouts of Starhaven Space Station
  • Five Complete Adventures
  • Profiles and stats on League Officials
  • Two Full-page Starmaps.

Publisher's Note: This product was recreated from image scans and so the quality is imperfect. It is a searchable pdf.