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From publisher blurb:

...The witch stirred the disgusting components in her basin. The goat's eye was starting to melt into the small pool of newt's blood; the eagle's feather was heavily matted by the viscous fluids all around it. The Chancellor waited impatiently. At last the gnarled witch looked up. "Yes. Your king will do well this season; I have seen his rise to power... "

Open your mind and the let the Essence of the Universe flow through the channel into your soul!

The Mentalism Companion explores the magic that is mastered by the sheer power of your mind. In this book, you will find new professions, variant rules, new options, and (of course) lots of stuff for Mentalism spell users.
Here is what you will find inside...

  • Four new professions that use the realm of Mentalism: the Seer (pure spell user that specializes in divining information), the Astrologer (a hybrid spell user that divines by studying the heavens), the Enchanter (a hybrid spell user that creates mental illusions), and the Armsmaster (a mentalism-trained warrior and soldier).
  • More than a dozen new training packages for characters to develop.
  • In-depth rules and an analysis of divination and its effect on role playing games.
  • New rules for handling "mental" combat as well as new rules for handling spells that require concentration.
  • A discussion about the differences between the new "mental" illusions and the traditional "elemental" illusions.
  • Dozens of new spells lists for the realm of Mentalism.