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From publisher blurb:

Vessel Compendium 1: Adventurer Class

Deep in Carlisle space, the Indus transport "Drachma" has just disgorged its mining shuttle. Swift, silent, the small craft picks its way through the asteroid field, sweeping the rocks with neutrino streams as it searches for valuable ore deposits.
An anomolous reading skips over the sensor display.
The shuttle operator contacts the Drachma's captain; "Josko! You won't believe this, but I've just picked up a life form. Human! He's free-floating in the middle of the field. No constructs register. He's all alone."
" Out here? Alive!" comes the disbelieving voice of the captain. "The last Provincial vessel mining this strip shunted out eleven decadays ago." The transport's crew silently contemplates their alternatives. "Bring him in. We'll revive him in Sick Bay and find out what's going on."
Nestled within the space suit, an alien presence awakes. . .

Silently plying the trade routes and smuggler's lanes of endless space are unique vessels-the Adventurer Class. These privately owned merchant ships, yachts, and small freighters deliver goods far into the Backnet, seeking exotic ports of call. Whether factory models or field conversions, new craft or veterans, legally operating or dodging the authorities, Adventurer Class vessels typify the free wheeling spirits of rogues and princes all along the Frontier and deep within the unregulated sectors of the Imperium.

For use with either your 2nd Edition Space Master: The Role Playing Game campaign or Space Master: Star Strike battles, this compendium includes the stats for:

  • 10 Survey/Exploration Vessels
  • 6 Freighters/Transports
  • 5 Shuttles
  • 2 Yachts
  • 2 Privateers
  • 2 Scouts
  • 1 Slaver
  • 1 Blockade Runner
  • 1 Courier

Also included are:

  • 2 Space Master RPG Adventures

Publisher's Note: This product was recreated from image scans and so the quality is imperfect. It is a searchable pdf