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RPG Item: Lost Telepaths
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From publisher blurb:

Lost Telepaths : The Secret of House Kashmere is a Spacemaster 2nd Edition adventure module.

Astra's launch occurred without incident, but soon thereafter a problem in the astrogation program developed. Whether it was equipment failure or sabotage will never be known. For several hundred years the Astra drifted through space, off course. Assuming a rogue star to be the planned destination, the ship decelerated and prepared to orbit the star's only planet.

Captain Kashmere and a skeleton bridge crew were the first awakened. Quickly they realized that something had gone very wrong.

Brace yourself for action! Here are some of the adventures you'll find in LOST TELEPATHS.
  • Explore an ancient tomb that harbors a strange and powerful telepathic artifact.
  • Investigate the rumors of strange beings with supernatural powers. The Eugenicists had been utterly defeated by the Kashmere Lords ....or had they?
  • The warship Prometheus waits in orbital spacedock for completion and its shakedown mission. Other provinces - perhaps even the Emperor - would stop at nothing to possess it. Can you stop them?
  • "Just a simple gun run" the Leaguemaster told you. He forgot to mention the brutally efficient customs officials, and who knows what else the Telepaths might do to stop you....

Publisher's Note: This product was recreated from image scans and so the quality is imperfect.