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128 pages
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[From Back of Book]
With these hands I have created works unimaginable…
Gods and demons without souls,
wrought of metal, wood and crystal.
A power to challenge the heaven, grasped in your fingers…

Prometheum Exxet is a book dedicated to exploring the world of supernatural artifacts, a book made to deploy a new range of wondrous objects for both player characters and their adversaries. Within the pages of this book are hundreds of supernatural artifacts, ideas for wild adventures, systems to forge your own mystical works and much more. Get ready, a door to a realm of powers yet unexplored opens before you.

Inside this book you will find:

Compendium of Artifacts: Over 150 supernatural artifacts, legendary in the world of Gaia and explored in lavish detail, from the Lawbringers of Abel to the very key of Yggdrasyl, a device than can rewrite reality to its users whims.

The Art of Creation: A detailed system for creating artifacts and supernatural compounds so that players can hone their craft to unparalleled levels.

Combat with Artifacts: New rules for welding mystical objects to maximum effect in combat, as well as special Combat Modules that allow players to wield incredible skills.

Supernatural Analysis: Rules to analyze and understand the the capabilities of supernatural artifacts, as well as to unlock their greatest secrets.

Artifacts in Gaia: A review of renowned artifacts that have shaped the history of the world Gaia, across cultures and times.

And much more: New Advantages for gaining objects of power. Fables, ideas for adventures, and detailed lists of the Black Sun's wares, including prices for those who wish to acquire these wondrous artifacts.