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From the Foreword:

Picture a peninsula with steep hills, thick forests that barely let the sunlight through, misty valleys, and fortresses clinging to the mountainside... and beyond the oceans, the vast and mysterious Continent. In such awe-inspiring landscapes, the Shadows of Esteren role-playing game will introduce you to a gritty, realistic world, where supernatural elements are never trivial or meaningless, and where men have to face fierce threats lurking in the dark.

We are pleased to present to you Book 0 Prologue, which will help you discover the universe of Shadows of Esteren while preparing you for the first episode of the official campaign.

The first chapter, "Origins", is an introduction to the main concepts of the game as well as a general presentation of the universe. It also includes a summary of the game system, comprising all the necessary elements to play through your first scenarios. And finally, you will find six illustrated characters ready to play: Yldiane the Varigal, Arven the fighter, Ean the fugitive, Liam the Scholar, Mòr the Ionnthén, and Urvan the Blade knight. This first chapter is perfect for familiarizing yourself with Shadows of Esteren and for introducing other players to this universe.

The second chapter, "Omens", is a triptych of scenarios written by Nelyhann: "Loch Varn", a scenario exploring the confines of dream and madness; "Poison", an investigation scenario set in Melwan's Vale; and finally "Red Fall", a story of disappearance and occultism in Dearg's Vale. These three scenarios constitute the prologue to the official campaign, whose first episode will be set in Dearg's Vale.