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From the back of the book:

Rebuilding an interstellar culture from the ruins of the Third Imperium involves a wide variety of activities, and each of these can form the basis of great adventures. The Reformation Coalition undertakes all of them - intelligence gathering, diplomacy, economic redevelopment, interstellar trade and commerce and many more. But of all of them the one operation that became synonymous with the Coalition, the one most closely linked to the Star Viking mystique, was called...


The Coalition is engaged in a frantic race against time, trying to rebuild its industrial and technological base before the tide of darkness and xenophobia becomes irreversible. To do so, it needs hardware and data bases, and to get them it raids the barbaric worlds of the Wilds, recovering technological artifacts. When these artifacts are defended, the operation is called a Hot Recovery, but is better know as Smash and Grab.

Smash and Grab is an adventure anthology dedicated to the most exhilarating and dangerous of Coalition activities. Each adventure is playable separately, and they can easily be integrated into ongoing campaigns. Here are some of the themes explored in this anthology:

Rescuing the crew of one of the original 12 dawn League ships, long thought lost.
Meteoric assaults from orbit against a heavily defended base.
A rogue Dawn League agent now set up as a TED (technologically elevated dictator).
Adventures along the murderous "Vampire Highway" of the Promise subsector.
Coordinated operations with local resistance groups.
An equipment section with all of the special equipment used in the adventure, including Droyne weapons and vehicles, Coalition remotely piloted vehicles and meteoric assault drop capsules, Star Viking heavy battle dress, and more.
Smash and Grab is a collection of sweat-in-your eyes, ozone-in-your nostrils combat adventures that will leave your player characters (those that survive, anyway) combat-hardened veterans when it's all over. It will leave them with the skills and experience they'll need for what comes next...