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From the back cover:

Est Sularus oth Mithas: My Honor is My Life. For the young men who have gathered at the High Clerist’s Tower, those words mean one thing: Knight of Solamnia. For some, knighthood is just around the corner. For others, there will ever the eventual outcome, all of the candidates bear those words in their hearts. Eagerness and anticipation fill the sun-filled morning air, as the candidates jockey for position, ready to show their prowess before the Knights of the Orders. My Honor is My Life. One Knight, however, does not live by the Oath.

The sword of Sturm Brightblade is gone, stolen from his dead body. The dishonorable one must be brought to justice, before he flees forever and the be only failure and the shameful return home. Whatblade lost. The trail leads through webs of intrigue to traitors and thieves most foul. This is a task suitable only for those of keen mind and stout heart, for danger will confront them at every turn.

This is the first adventure module written for the TALES OF THE LANCE Boxed Set, and is especially designed for beginning players and the DUNGEON MASTER™. It reveals for the first time the powers of the Brightblade, the hereditary sword of Sturm Brightblade, a Hero of the War of the Lance. Additional background information is included, along with new magical items and some pregenerated characters to help get the adventure running quickly and easily.